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Get The Big Size Shoes You Need at XL Feet

Posted by Adrian on Dec 28, 2019 11:54:00 AM

If you need shoes in a size anything outside what many would consider the ordinary realm of sizes, say a size 13, the search for shoes that will fit you can be downright comical from an outside perspective, if not ruthlessly frustrating when you’re in the driver’s seat. Compounding this aggravation is the simple fact that the shoe size you need is unlikely (not) going to change until the later years of your life, and even worse, the need for shoes that fit properly is a must. At one time or another, we’ve all probably slipped into a pair of shoes that were either too big or too small, but if you subject yourself to that practice for too long the consequences will reach all the way from simple discomfort to certain injury.

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Guide to the Best Holiday Gifts for XL Feet

Posted by Adrian on Dec 20, 2019 2:09:00 PM

While it might seem unusual, the gift of quality footwear is extremely valuable – especially for someone with extra-large or extra-wide feet. When it’s not easy to find the perfect fit, not to mention the struggle of finding stylish options in specialty sizes, receiving a great pair of shoes is an incredible gift. We know this all too well here at XL Feet. But we also understand that this can be tricky to get just right for someone other than yourself. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a guide to footwear gifts that will be sure to treat any of your loved ones to quality, comfort, and style – even those with extra-large feet.

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The Best Men’s Snow Boots Size 15

Posted by Adrian on Nov 27, 2019 10:30:00 AM

There are few feelings worse than a wet sock -- the soggy scratchy wool, the squash of lukewarm water beneath your sole -- but toe-freeze, the feeling that, at any moment, one of your extremities may detach from the body of your foot and fall, stands out. We’ve got to stay warm. Whether shoveling your driveway, exploring the arctic, or working in a snowscape, good Men’s Snow Boots Size 15 are essential.

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The Perfect Extra Wide Hiking Boots

Posted by Adrian on Nov 20, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Have you ever hiked in the wrong pair of shoes? It’s a terrible feeling: your toes compressed into a narrow cap, your ankle rubbing uncomfortably against tight fabric. But, the right pair of shoes—they feel like heaven, like walking on air, on clouds of candy-floss. Our Extra Wide Hiking Boots are fitted specifically for outdoor activity. They are the perfect companion for the rugged outdoorsman, whose love of crisp air and rushing rivers compels him to climb slopes both steep and gentle.

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The Size 15 Work Boots You Need From XL Feet

Posted by Adrian on Nov 13, 2019 1:25:00 PM

Waterproof. Puncture resistant. Mesh-lined. Pillow-cushioned. Our Size 15 Work Boots provide comfort, as well as the durability needed to resist all kinds of high impact activity. Say you’re working in a winery, up to your ankles in juice concentrate, chlorine, lye, and filter powder all day long. You need to know that your boots will hold up. Ours will.

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Get the Most Out of Hiking with Wide Hiking Shoes

Posted by Adrian on Nov 6, 2019 1:32:00 PM

Going for a hike can be a truly relaxing outdoor activity that helps you to become one with nature and reduce the stress of the busy everyday world. One of the best parts of going on a hike is that you can go at any time. If you can find a good trail that you can easily navigate and that provides the scenic views that make hiking so relaxing and it is close and easy to access, you can easily go for a hike at any time.

That said, hiking requires comfort. You won’t get far if the shoes you wear aren’t build for the task of climbing over rocks or logs or for inclines and declines you can face on a hiking trail. The selection of hiking shoes can get a little thin and feel like they are built for one type of foot. But not everyone has the same feet in size or width. So why should you have to constantly hunt to find shoes that fit you and keep you comfortable?

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Five Foot Care Tips You Need To Know

Posted by Adrian on Sep 4, 2019 10:32:00 AM

Big feet need love, care, and comfort too. Foot care is critical and often overlooked. We spend a lot of time on our feet, and so we need to tend to them. At XL Feet, we want to empower you to care more about your foot care routine. We have compiled five foot care tips you need to know.

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Time for an Adventure! The Different Styles of Men's Outdoor Adventure Shoes

Posted by Adrian on Aug 28, 2019 9:08:00 AM

If you have ever been on a hiking adventure with the wrong type of shoe, then you know it’s an experience you would never want to encounter again. But if it’s your first time going for an outdoor adventure, take it from the experts: get a shoe that’s suited for the specific outdoor activity!

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Three Fitting Dress Shoe Styles

Posted by Adrian on Mar 26, 2019 12:30:00 PM

With XL Feet, you always end up with the proper fitting shoe, but we also want to make sure you get the style you are looking for.  Many shoe styles are made from historic designs with modifications to make them more up to date. We want to introduce you to 3 designs you can find in our shop. 

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How Do You Know if You Need Wide Shoes?

Posted by Adrian on Jul 10, 2018 10:08:50 AM

When it comes to foot size, things can get kind of controversial. We know from experience that individuals with bigger feet sizes have had to endure a lot teasing in their lifetime or have had trouble finding their shoe size in store, but what if you have bigger feet AND they’re wide? This is a dilemma for a good number of shoe wearers, and it can be very discouraging when shopping time comes around.

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