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Get These Mens Shoes Extra Wide 4E

Posted by Adrian on Jun 4, 2020 6:36:47 AM

mens-shoesHere at XL Feet, we spend a lot of time carefully elucidating the reasons that you need to wear shoes in your size. We spend just as much time going over the benefits of wearing shoes in the right size that we sometimes forget how important width is, and the truth is that width is just as important as size when it comes to picking out shoes.

But we’ve spent enough time recently defending the importance of both size and width, so instead today we’re going to highlight some of these top picks in mens shoes extra wide 4E. What’s special about these shoes is not only the fact that you can find them in your size if you wear mens shoes extra wide 4E but also because they are from some of the most respected and coveted shoe manufacturers in the world and are certain to turn heads.

We talk a lot about how important it is to wear shoes that fit you because of your needs as an individual, but sometimes it’s nice to look your best too. You can have the best of both worlds when you suit up and lace up a pair of these mens shoes extra wide 4E.

Florsheim Riva in Burgundy

These shoes are amazingly comfortable for a pair of slip on loafers, and if you need the best of comfort and style you can certainly find it here. These loafers are elegant and have the regal touch of oxblood kidskin uppers, luxuriously supple and soft. Like many of the other pairs of loaders that you can find on our site, they are ridiculously comfortable and even come with a shank in the soles so they will last you for years with proper care. One more thing to note; they might be even more versatile than the former pair. You can lounge around in these or you can dress up in your finest. No one was ever undressed in a pair of oxblood kidskin shoes.

Florsheim Welles in Black

This is a luxuriously attractive pair of black cap toe shoes in black leather that can fill a number of roles without giving way to ostentation. Stately without being overbearing, respectable without being intimidating, you can wear these shoes with your finest suit or evening wear or pair them with a comfortable set of slacks for any old day at the office. Their calfskin uppers are unbelievably soft and supply while at the same time providing a fair degree of support, not to mention the fact they are distinguished beyond comparison. They even come with comfortable leather linings and the support and sturdiness of a real leather sole where some other shoes rely on rubber. Finally, they have a non metal shank which can mean two things for you. In the first place, they are airport friendly, and in the second the shank will add years of service to the shoe while affording you extra comfort as well. It’s hard to beat a pair of Florsheims.

Dunham Johnsons in Black

If you are looking for the edgy look of a quality pair of Chukka boots, you can find them in Dunham’s Johnsons, with a whole lot of attitude to spare. They are fully waterproof and feature construction from full grain leather uppers. Full grain leather has no equal when it comes to support, comfort and protection. In fact, over time, full grain leather will become softer and more accommodating while still cushioning and protecting your foot. No other grade of leather can say the same. Moreover they offer the traction and comfort of rubber soles and are even made with a nylon shank that will add years to the life of the boots as it makes being active and on your feet easier on you.

Dunham Burlingtons in Brown

Here’s another great pair of waterproof dress shoes from Dunham that also packs some serious style. While these shoes will cut the perfect caper as part of a formal ensemble, they are an equally great match for a pair of khakis and the opportunity to dress down. In addition, they are built with comfort in mind. They feature an adjustable lace closure and an EVA footbed to support you and provide a good measure of shock absorption and rebound. If you need the best comfort in a pair of fairly stately shoes, you won’t go wrong with these.

These are only a few of the great choices in dress shoes that you can find here at Take a look at our full collection of dress shoes and boots to find the pair that suits your fancy or speaks the language of your heart, and if you have any questions, don’t be shy about reaching out to us at 651-797-6000. One more thing - shop online if you wish, but if you’re ever in the area if St. Paul, Minnesota, we’d love to see you in our retail store!

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