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Get Your Size 16 Mens Shoes for Walking at XL Feet

Posted by Adrian on Jun 10, 2020 5:03:20 AM

Hiking is extremely hard on your feet and your body, especially when you’re carrying a 45 pound pack through rough country. Similarly, job sites can be extremely tough on your feet and joints. On top of that they can offer occupational hazards that aren’t even present when you’re on the trail. Even recreation that can be more passive, like boating, can be a real strain on your body. Pitching decks and rolling water require you to keep a strong grip on the deck at all times. In all of these pastimes and activities, it can be easily seen how important it is to wear shoes that are protective, supportive and tractable.


You know what else is tough on your feet and body but doesn’t get the same press time as hiking, work, boating, rock climbing or other activities? Walking. Walking is actually really tough on your body when you don’t wear the same shoes. We’re not talking about taking a leisurely stroll around the block, though. We’re talking about days when you’ll be taking a trip to a nearby city or a park and have to be on your feet the whole day.

While it isn’t exactly the same as many miles of hiking or hunting or even the same as other athletic activities, plenty of walking requires shoes that can protect and support you. Dedicated walking shoes should offer you tons of support, a soft, flexible, cushioned insole with adequate arch support, and no hot spots. The uppers should be tough and they should be joined with a good welt or by another proven technique to the sole, which should be rugged, resilient and tactile.

Shoes that fit properly are another important prerequisite for walking shoes that will protect and support you. They’re just no good if they don’t fit you, so for example if you wear size 16 mens shoes for walking, you can’t go with size 15s or 14s. Here at XL Feet, we’ve covered the topic before, and many times at that. Shoes that don’t fit properly are just plain impractical for any legitimate use other than aesthetics, and even then, how good will they look? For walking specifically, you just can’t cut corners. If you spend money on shoes that will protect and support your feet, you’ll just throw all that money and research out the window if the shoes are too small.

Trust us, offering big shoes like size 16 mens shoes for walking is our specialty. Here are some top picks from our site that will have you comfortable even when you spend many hours on your feet.

Propet Preferred Cliff Walker - You can get these shoes in sizes up to size 16 and in widths out to 5E right on our site. They’re designed for hiking, but they also happen to be great shoes offering plenty of support for walking as well. Higher up on the ankle, they will protect and stabilize you during long hours on your feet. It offers you the durability of full grain leather uppers and is waterproof as well.

Dunham Clouds - These shoes would make good hiking shoes as well, but they’re less bulky than the Cliff Walkers above without compromising on support and protection. They also feature a full grain leather upper and they are seam sealed to be waterproof. Nothing chafes like wet shoes, and you’ll be safe in these. These shoes offer solid rubber outsoles with a fiberglass shank for unrivalled support and longevity, and offer excellent traction on a variety of surfaces. You’d be comfortable on the trail in these, but rest assured, you’ll be just as comfortable on the sidewalk or in a park.

New Balance Fresh Foam More - We’re going to switch up a little with this selection here, as it is much better suited to an urban environment than the previous two selections. These shoes are ultra lightweight and breathable with their mesh uppers. The EVA foam soles are not only extremely lightweight, but they’re also impressively soft and very supportive, helping to rebound as much as possible to protect your feet and joints against impact.

Dunham Burlington - If you are more interested in size 16 mens shoes for walking but need to retain a certain air of decorum, then consider a pair of Dunham Burlingtons. Not quite athletic, and certainly not designed for hiking, these are dress shoes with a twist. Just as you’ve come to expect from Dunham, they offer classic poise while also offering amazing support and comfort. They don’t just look great - they are waterproof and constructed with an EVA footbed and midsole for the ultimate level of support.

Check out these selections if you need your bases covered in a walking shoe. They cover the spectrum ranging from hiking to dress for the office, and we offer much more right here on our site. Check out our collection of size 16 mens shoes to pick out the ones that appeal best to you today.

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