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Have a Look at These Mens Slippers in Size 16

Posted by Adrian on Jun 12, 2020 1:34:47 AM

Here at XL Feet, we take footwear very seriously, which is why we sell just about anything a big or tall guy could ever need to wear as related to footwear. We’re much more than just boots and shoes - we have specialty shoes and socks as well as insoles and many more products that can be really hard for guys with extra large feet to find.

It’s not all just about boots and shoes, though. There are times when you need to unwind and be comfortable, and for times like that you might want to invest in a comfortable, quality pair of slippers. If you wear size 16 shoes, then it would follow that you need mens slippers in size 16, and in that case, it’s probably been a challenge for you in the past to find slippers that fit. That was, of course, before the days of XL Feet, but nonetheless we’d like to present you with a defense of slippers and then highlight some of our favorite mens slippers in size 16

In the first place, we would like to take a chance to explain the importance of slippers. When it comes to footwear that is appropriate for wearing inside, it isn’t all about comfort and luxury. In truth, there are some very practical reasons for picking up a pair of slippers to wear in the comfort of your own home.

Keep Your Home Cleaner

In the first place, a pair of slippers will keep your home cleaner. You might be wondering how that could possibly be, and rest assured, it isn’t the slippers themselves. It requires a fastidious observation of household decorum as well.

Let’s say that you come in from a long day out at work or in the field (wearing your boots that you bought here at XL Feet, no doubt) and stop by the door. Your boots work hard - almost as hard as you, and as a result they are beat up and utterly caked with mud and dust. If you really worked hard, you might have boots that are soaked with swamp water and are carrying some foliage from the field, just for good measure. You weren’t going to wear those boots inside, were you?

Hopefully not, which only leaves you with a few alternative options. In the first place, you might just take off your boots, leave them by the door or in the mudroom, and go forth in your socks or barefoot. That is, if you don’t have slippers. We’ll get to why you should have slippers and not just wear socks or go barefoot, but bear with us.

The truth is, you don’t necessarily need to have slippers for the inside to keep your home clean. If you only wear socks or go barefoot you can keep the inside of your home just as clean as you could by shedding the boots and donning indoor slippers. That being said, there are a number of reasons that you might want to add some slippers to your repertoire instead of going barefoot or in socks.

Back to the point, however. That is, if you take your boots off at the door, the interior of your home will stay significantly cleaner, and that’s the gospel. Keep outside dirt outside and you’ll be in the clear.

Protection Against Slips and Falls

Now we can get into a true defense of slippers. Yes, you will be protecting your home against the insidious intrusion of dirt, mud and other debris, but there are other reasons to reserve a pair of slippers for inside as well.

If you make the choice to go without slippers in your home, then you’re going to be barefoot or wearing socks of some sort while you’re inside. You may be comfortable in socks or barefoot, but the truth is that slips and falls are a lurking terror of domestic life, and if you wear socks or go barefoot you may be at a higher risk of being injured due to a fall.

Imagine walking on tiles at night without really being able to see where you are going. Of course you can turn on the light, but this is a situation with which most people can probably relate. Now consider - have you ever felt how slippery socks can feel on tile?

If you answered ‘yes,’ of which we’re confident, then we hardly feel the need to say more, though we will. The truth is that socks and tiles are a bad combination, but so are socks and hardwood floors and socks and other surfaces that offer less than stellar traction. Many people are injured every year in slips and falling accidents, and it’s something against which you can safeguard yourself relatively effectively by doing something as simple as investing in a pair of slippers for the home.

Many of the slippers we are going to investigate shortly have soles that offer excellent traction even on slick surfaces. In other words, and to put it curtly, your first line of defense against a slip or fall is good grip, and you can get a better grip with a pair of slippers. So then the final question to answer is why not just go barefoot?

Protection Against Infection

To round it all out, we have to explain some of the reasons that you should wear slippers instead of just going barefoot, since you might be at higher risk of slipping if you wear socks alone. To put it simply, walking around barefoot, though it can be comfortable, has the potential to put you at a higher risk of fungal and bacterial infection. Not that you will be at risk, but you can certainly minimize the risk by keeping your feet comfortable.

Every time your feet are unprotected and have no barrier between themselves and some surface, they are being bombarded with pathogens of some nature or other. In other words, going barefoot can potentially put you at a higher risk of contracting bacterial infections or other diseases caused by fungi like athlete’s foot. The simple solution is to keep your feet covered and protected against surfaces that are contaminated with these pathogens.

Therefore you can see that wearing slippers can help keep your house cleaner while safeguarding you against infection and falls. With no further ado, check out some of these choice mens slippers in size 16 that you can find right here at XL Feet.

Old Friend Loafer Moccasin

These Moccasins by Old Friend are immensely popular and finally available on our site in larger sizes, up to men’s 16. These slippers are made from real, luxuriously soft sheepskin and have a remarkably durable outsole to keep you comfortable and supported through all seasons, even when it gets cold indoors. In a time like the present where modern synthetics have largely supplanted the comfortable feel of natural materials like sheepskin, it’s entirely refreshing to see a pair of classic slippers like these. Sheepskin is soft, comfortable, breathable and will only become better over time.

These slippers also have a high instep to cushion your stance whether you spend most of your time indoors on your feet or comfortable reclining. These slippers are also hand stitched for impressive, lasting quality and are designed to offer the perfect amount of room while still cushioning your foot. They also have a replaceable and removable footbed, so when that wears out first (and it will, invariably) you can easily drop in a new one and keep going strong. If you need a pair of mens slippers in size 16 to offer you great comfort and a pair of great quality that will last many years, then you might want to investigate setting yourself up with a pair of these.

Propet Preferred Cush’N Foot


Alright, so we did just launch ourselves on a massive tirade on the benefits and incontestable nature of natural sheepskin, and by those claims we mean to stand. Be that as it may, this town is big enough for the two of these options, including the sheepskin slippers we mentioned above as well as these Propet Preferred Cush’N Foot Slippers.

While they aren’t made from luxuriously soft natural sheepskin, they are made from premium neoprene uppers and liners for unbelievable comfort and warmth. In case you aren’t familiar with neoprene, think of it this way. This is the material that many waders and wetsuits are made from. As in, this is the material that some people place between their skin and water that is near freezing, or even so cold it is actually below freezing. It’s warm, really warm, and really soft and comfortable.

That means these slippers are great for when it gets cold - like Minnesota cold, where it is in the negative numbers without the wind chill. Sure, you’ll be warm in the house, but when the temps are really on the slide you’ll be glad you had a warm pair of slippers like these.

These slippers even come with remarkably tough polyurethane outsoles which can help you keep your grip even on unforgiving surfaces. That’s even to mention the fact that they can help you keep spills at bay. Everyone’s worst nightmare is wet socks or slippers, and with a tough pair like these you will be well protected. It would be tough to beat this pair of slippers on any account, and for toughness and warmth they might just take the cake.

Old Friend Romeo

Here is another simply great pair of slippers from Old Friend in genuine sheepskin to keep you warm and comfortable through the harsh winters, or just on comfortable footing while you’re loafing around the house. Like the Old Friend slippers above, these slippers are remarkably comfortable and confer all of the benefits - and more - that we explained at the outset of this article.

Like the former model of Old Friend slippers, they have elastic straps to help you get the perfect fit and comfort and these even have heel tabs to make it easier for you to step into them and get them on properly. No one lines a fouled up pair of slippers and you can have a comfortable fit with these.

mens-slipper-2In addition, they’re extremely durable and promise to afford a pretty good grip and traction on most surfaces inside your home, so you can be safe and sound against the aforementioned slips and falls. And, like the Old Friends above, these slippers feature a removable and replaceable sheepskin insole. Not only does this add to their comfort and warmth, but it makes it easier to replace the soles for better support when they get flattened and old. You can even find the replacement soles - easily and conveniently - right on our website, on the same page you can find these slippers.

Whether you fall for these or some of the other extra large men’s slippers you can find on our website, there’s plenty to love here at You can find these slippers and many other fine examples of mens slippers in size 16 right here on our website, along with replacement insoles, slippers socks, and other extra large socks.

Now that you know some of the benefits of wearing slippers inside the house, give us a chance to remind you that getting the right fit from your footwear is imperative to realizing the benefits. Not that you would have this problem if you have extra large feet, but if you wear slippers that are far too large for you, you would actually be more likely to be at a higher risk of falling. The same could be said if you made a habit of wearing slippers or other footwear that was far too small, which is more likely to be your individual experience if you have extra large feet. Even so, our specialty here at XL Feet is getting guys like you with big feet the slippers and other footwear you need. Take a look through the pages here at some of these options in slippers to find your next pair today and enjoy all these benefits and more.


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