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If You Need Big Size Shoes, Don’t Forget Extra Large Mens Socks

Posted by Adrian on Apr 18, 2020 12:21:00 PM

Here at XL Feet, our mantra is that ‘fitting extra large feet is no extra large feat,’ and we mean to stick to it. Others in the market might be satisfied with providing for guys with extra large feet every once in a while, but here, that’s all we do. Not only do we offer you big size shoes, boots, sneakers and slippers here on our site, there’s another lesser known commodity that goes along with them that you might have let slip your mind until now - extra large mens socks. 

It might seem obvious that you need extra large mens socks if you need big size shoes or boots, but socks just don’t get the same air time. It’s typically so difficult to find larger men’s footwear that people tend to forget about socks in their search for shoes.

That’s probably led plenty of guys down the path of wearing socks that are too small or no socks at all, and we’ve talked about the perils of doing so before, but here’s a really quick refresher. If you wear socks that are too small, it’s not a huge deal (no pun intended). You can probably get away with it, especially since most socks are made to fit a pretty large spectrum of foot sizes, think 6-12. You can get away with a sock that’s a size or so too small, just know that they will wear out and go threadbare more quickly if that’s the case.

As for the situation in which you would choose to go without socks, that is something you would want to avoid at all costs with close toed shoes. The first reason is that if you go without socks in your boots or shoes, your footwear will absorb grease and oil that will become just about impossible to remove over time. The result? A lingering odor that just won’t come out.

If you’re willing to live with that, perhaps you won’t be willing to live with the fact that going without socks put you at a higher risk of infection. Socks help to absorb oils and provide a lower friction barrier between your feet and your shoes. Remove that, and you’ll be more likely to develop blisters or abrade your feet. That’s a recipe for infection. 

The point is not to wear close toed boots or shoes without socks, and if you have done that because you can’t find socks in your size, you’ll be glad to know we have extra large mens socks here at XL Feet. Here’s a look at what we can offer you. 

Cotton socks in a crazy range of sizes and cuts. If you need dress socks that are low cut, we have them here. Tube socks? Check. Ankle cut socks? Check. We have them all and at reasonable prices too. Cotton is durable, resilient, absorbent, breathable and soft, which is why it’s a perennial favorite among clothiers for making garments including socks. 



But we don’t just sell cotton socks here at XL Feet. Among our extra large mens socks we offer other specialty socks as well. Let’s say you’re looking for wool socks. You’d have good reason to do so. When it comes to insulation, there’s not much better out there than wool. In fact, there probably isn’t anything out there better than wool. Not only is wool a better insulator, than, say cotton, it also will keep you warm when wet. Precious little else, if anything, can do that. Add to that the fact that wool is much sturdier than cotton. Wool’s fibers are significantly more resilient than fiber and can be stressed as many as ten times more than cotton fibers before they break. Then there’s the fact that wool’s natural structure allows it to clean itself. Speaking of which, wool has certain natural antimicrobial properties as well. 

That being said, if you’re looking for antimicrobial socks, we offer them too, in a variety of different fabrics. Some of our antimicrobial socks are treated specifically to prevent bacteria and other microbes from proliferating, while others are quick drying to prevent the creation of a habitable space for contaminants. If you’re looking for specialty extra large mens socks like antimicrobial socks, we’re your ticket. 

By the way, by big size mens socks we mean just about any size you could need, including extra wide socks as well. Additionally, socks like some of our Bariatric socks are nearly guaranteed to fit even the largest feet. Take a look at our collection of socks to find what you need today. 

As you can see, XL Feet isn’t just your supplier of big size shoes and boots but socks as well. If you’re used to shopping for big and tall clothing or extra large socks and extra large men shoe sizes, we can help you out. Stop by our store if you’re in the St. Paul, Minnesota area, or give us a call at 651-797-6000 and we’ll help you find what you need.


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