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Trouble Finding Size 18 Men’s Shoes? Get Them Here!

Posted by Adrian on May 12, 2020 6:43:10 AM

Are you having a tough time finding size 18 men’s shoes? If you are, don’t feel like you’re in the search alone. Pretty much anyone who needs size 18 men’s shoes is going to go through the wringer trying to find them. Especially if you’re actually looking for a specific pair of shoes that you can actually use for something, the challenge is real. No one is looking for a pair of clown shoes that they can wear on the trail or at work.

Compounding the difficulty of finding quality shoes in larger sizes is the fact that making compromises in the size of the shoe you wear can have some unintended consequences for your comfort and support. Sure, no one wants to be wearing brown leather dress shoes with black pants just because you happened to be lucky enough to find brown dress shoes in your size. We’re talking about comfort here, comfort that is essential to your overall health.

Wearing shoes in the wrong size can restrict your circulation and cause corns and other painful medical complications. Avoid them. Shop here at XL Feet and find the shoes you need for any and all occasions, in the size you want. Say goodbye to the complications of shoes that are sized poorly or made to low quality control standards and say hello to a new era of style and comfort. Get the shoes you want the first time, in your size, right here at

Shoes For Formal Occasions

formal-OccasionsHave you - or has someone you know - ever had to wear a pair of white sneakers with a suit because there was nothing else to wear? Curiously, we don’t mean there weren’t any other suits to pair with the sneakers, because there probably were. Clothing designers seem to have wisely taken onto the reality that one size simply does not fit all and they offer clothing in sizes to fit basically all body types. Footwear designers, on the other hand, have not been quite so intuitive

No, what we mean is that the unfortunate person in question couldn’t pair any other shoes with the suit because all he could find was a pair of white sneakers in his size - especially if he wore size 18 men’s shoes.

Luckily, here at XL Feet, you won’t ever have to experience that most unfortunate turn of events any longer. No, here at XL Feet you can get the dress shoes you need for all occasions. For work, for evening parties, for going out on the town, for weddings, what have you. And we’re proud to report that we don’t just offer whatever we can get our hands on through the supply chain. Take a look through our pages of dress shoes and you will find Florsheims, Steve Maddens, Drew Shoes, Dunhams and much more. Make no compromises on color or quality - you can find the shoes you need for any formal occasion right here on our site.

Shoes For The Outdoors

outdoor-shoesIf wearing a pair of shoes in the wrong size is embarrassing and annoying when you’re pairing them with a suit, it’s much worse when you need the shoes for activities like hunting, hiking or outdoor work.

Even more than in other areas, support, protection, and sometimes even insulation are critical in the footwear you choose when you hit the trail or the job site. If you think squeezing into that same old pair of white sneakers is going to cut it when you’re in the woods in the winter or at a job site, think again.

Hiking shoes and work boots need to be supportive and protective or they might as well not even call themselves hiking shoes and work boots. Right here at XL Feet you can take your pick of shoes for hiking, hunting, outdoor work and more from top of the line brands to keep your warm, comfortable and safe when you’re out there. Take a look through our catalog of Keen, Columbia, Carolina, Wolverine, Avenger, Thorogood, Bogs and more boots for outdoor work.

Shoes For The Gym

In the event you need size 18 men’s shoes for athletics, you can’t take any shortcuts there as well. Just as workboots and hiking shoes need to support and protect you, so do athletic shoes for the gym or the field.

Take a look through our catalog and find exactly what you need, whether it’s for lifting weights or playing tennis. We offer sneakers and other shoes from New Balance, Reebok, Saucony, Spira and much more right here on our site. You just need to figure out what you’re looking for and go for it.

Everything Else!

You’ll also be able to find socks and other footwear in larger sizes right here on our site because if you need large shoes you’ll need socks as well. Take a look through our pages and put your woes to rest. If you need size 18 men’s shoes, we have what you need to make your life a little easier. All you have to do is take a look through our site or visit us in our location in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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