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Five Reasons To Get Yourself A Pair Of Men’s Extra Wide Slippers

Posted by Adrian on Feb 18, 2020 2:20:45 AM

slippersYou might be one of those people just is just inseparable from your favorite pair of slippers, but you might also be someone that needs a little bit of old fashioned convincing. It might seem obvious why you need to wear a pair of workboots or hiking boots when you’re outside or on the trail, just as it makes sense to wear the right athletic shoes when playing sports or at the gym. And while the title of this piece suggests this will be five reasons to get yourself a pair of men’s extra wide slippers, it’s really just about getting yourself a nice pair of slippers in general. It’s just that since you’re at XL Feet, it’s probably tough for you to find slippers in your size, but we can help with that.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we can help you find a nice comfortable pair of men’s extra wide slippers in your size so you can actually be comfortable around the house. Yet the reasons contained herein are equally applicable in defense of slippers everywhere even if you don’t have extra large feet. Regardless, just as we make it easy for you to find boots, shoes and even socks in the right size, we can set you up with a pair of slippers that will fit you just right. That being said, here are five reasons you might want to get yourself a nice pair of them.

They Keep Your House Clean

Let’s say you’ve just spent some quality time in the great outdoors cutting a cord of wood to heat your home through the long winter. Also, let’s say it was raining. Actually, it wasn’t just raining, it was a steady downpour. The entire day, it was raining buckets and buckets. Your yard has been transformed into a bucket of slop. Thanks to XL Feet, you had a quality pair of workboots to keep you warm, dry and protected during your yard work, and now you need to come in and cook dinner.

Your boots are covered with copious amounts of thick, unyielding mud and plenty of swarf and wood chips from your labor. You need to enter your home. Do you dare bring that filth indoors?

You could just take your boots off and go inside in socks or barefoot, but that might make you uncomfortable, cold or wet, or possibly all three at once. If you’re lucky and shopped at XL Feet for your other footwear, you might just have another pair of shoes by the door that you could switch into.

black_slippersBut wait, those shoes aren’t clean either! Sure, we understand that mud-covered boots are a bit of an extreme example and that no one would willingly wear them indoors. But if you switch over from muddy boots to other outdoor shoes, that’s not a clean option. It’s just cleaner, and if you want to keep the inside of your home really spic and span, just cleaner won’t be an option. Even if you only wear shoes from the outside in your home periodically, over time dirt will accumulate and you’ll be fighting an uphill battle.

If, however, you have a comfortable pair of slippers that you reserve for indoor use, you can keep the outdoors where they belong. A good pair of slippers will help you avoid tracking filth in from the outside and can keep your house clean. A clean house is more pleasant to live in and will maintain value as well. That’s not even to mention that it will just be nice knowing that you’re doing a little bit extra to keep your home clean.

Slippers Can Keep You Healthier

But wait, there’s more! You may have read this headline and thought it a farce, but there’s some research to suggest that going around barefoot increases your risk of catching colds or bacterial or fungal infections.

Consider the previous scenario. If you had chosen to take off your boots and enter your home barefoot, you’d be putting yourself at a higher risk of many different types of infections. First is the fact that cold feet experience a diminished blood flow to prevent additional heat loss which can put you at an elevated risk of catching colds or other illnesses.

Especially if there were dirt inside your home from previous stints in the outdoors, walking over it barefoot would be exposing you to all different sorts of pathogens you wouldn’t otherwise be facing. Dirt from the outdoors and even relatively clean indoor floors are still rife with infectious agents, and even without a compromised immune system contacting them unnecessarily just puts you at risk of infection. It’s all easily avoidable.

Additionally, there are areas of your house such as the bathroom where barefoot exposure can put you at risk of fungal infection. That’s no slight against your home - just a fact of humid environments. It’s also the reason people are cautioned against allowing their bare feet to contact areas where people bathe in common. Wearing slippers in your home will reduce your exposure to fungal infections agents as well.

So whether you want to keep your feet warm to bolster your immune system or you just want to diminish your risk of contracting an illness through contact, slippers can help you out. That’s not even to mention any of the other benefits they offer. And yes, there are more.

 They Extend The Lives Of Your Socks

This is a big one and, at least to some, really important. First, if you’re shopping on this site, you probably had enough of a time getting socks that actually fit you in the first place, so you’ll want to get the most life you can out of your socks on that front alone.

Even if you don’t have extra-large feet, wearing socks around the home, as comfortable as it is, is hastening your socks to the end - threadbare soles and lack of warmth. Wearing your socks, even just around the house, without the protection of slippers is going to hasten the rate at which they lose thread count and wear away, but slippers can prevent all that.

So if you didn’t have a pair of slippers, you might do as other people do and just wear their socks around the house. There’s nothing generally terrible about this, as it will keep your feet warm and protect them from the hazards of infection. The only thing is that wearing your socks around the house is going to wear them out prematurely, and pretty soon your socks won’t be warm or soft anymore.

Protecting your socks with slippers, however, will safeguard them against the abrasion they would face against the floor and give them extra longevity. This is nice enough if you just enjoy the warmth and comfort of a favored pair of socks, but more important if you have extra-large feet and had to look high and low to find them in the first place.

There’s something else, and it’s not necessarily tied directly to sock lifespan, but it’s an important consideration to make nonetheless. You may not personally feel this way, but there are many that do, and their feelings are valid.

Think of a pair of men's extra wide slippers - and slippers in general - as wet sock insurance. To some, the writer of this particular piece in specific included, wet socks are a punishment that should be barred according to the provisions of the eighth amendment as both cruel and unusual. There’s nothing quite as jarring or disheartening as feeling the cool evil of a floor born liquid suffusing the warm comfort of your socks. Avoid it like the plague - get yourself a pair of slippers and never have to experience wet sock surprises ever again.

Even as comprehensive as these benefits are, they aren’t everything that a nice pair of slippers can secure for you, though as protection against wet socks alone a pair of slippers would probably be worth it.

 Reduce Trips, Falls And Other Injuries

This one is more or less a toss-up but it should be considered nonetheless. Wearing slippers around the house, especially on tile or hardwood floors, can help protect you against certain risks of slips and falls. Slips, falls and stubbed toes will find themselves among the list of challenges that a lowly, humble pair of slippers will help you tackle head-on.

As everyone knows, socks on tile or hardwood offer some of the lowest coefficients of friction known to science. Socks and slick surfaces are a precise recipe for slipping, falling and injury. It’s ridiculously easy to trip or slip on tile or polished hardwood within a home especially if you’re wearing socks. While most of the time such an accident could be laughed off, other times they could be much more serious.

Additionally, as anyone who has ever gotten up in the middle of the night to get a snack or to go to the bathroom knows, objects hidden in the dark just have a way of seeking up exposed toes and wreaking havoc. Stubbing your toe in the dark immediately after awakening is an experience almost as regrettable as wet socks, and it’s also a totally avoidable situation.

Whether you have experienced just one too many sock-bound slips or you’re sick and tired of stubbed toes, a nice pair of house slippers is an easy and affordable, not to mention comfortable solution to all of this. A pair of slippers will cushion you against midnight stubs as well as give you the traction necessary to avoid undue spills and slips.

There’s no reason you should have to suffer through stubbed toes or the risks of slips and falls on slick floor surfaces when the easy solution is to get yourself a pair of slippers. And since you can so easily find the pair you’re looking for, even men's extra wide slippers, right here at XL Feet, you can get yourself a pair today. They’ll give you all the benefits listed already and even one more.

You’ll Be More Comfortable

confortable_slipersEven on top of the fact that owning and wearing a dedicated pair of house slippers will make your home cleaner and protect you from illnesses and injuries, there’s just the inescapable fact that you’ll be much more comfortable in a nice pair of slippers.

A good pair of well-worn slippers is just about the most comfortable piece of attire out there. Whether you’re most drawn to the idea of keeping your feet warm or cushioned or protected against wet socks, slippers will make you more comfortable overall.

When it’s cold out, a pair of slippers will keep you much warmer than socks alone, although there wouldn’t be anything stopping you from wearing a nice pair of socks and slippers in conjunction. If you’re the type that likes to wear shoes everywhere you go, slippers are a great indoor solution for this as well, allowing you to remain shod indoors.

Now, previously you might have experienced a barrier to finding yourself a quality pair of comfortable slippers that you could wear around the house. It can be just as hard to find a pair of men's extra wide slippers as it can be to find shoes or socks that fit. In fact, it might even be harder, since slippers are somewhat of a specialty item.

Regardless, if you want to reap all of the benefits outlined here while experiencing extra comfort, then the clear answer is to get yourself a nice pair of slippers right here at

Take a look right here on our page where we offer our slippers in larger sizes and widths. Get yourself a nice pair from Propet, Old Friend, Acorn or another maker. Whatever you’re looking for, we can help you find it - and in a size that will fit you as well. There’s nothing to wait for, so get yourself a pair of slippers today and go forth in comfort and style.




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