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Posted by Adrian on Dec 28, 2019 11:54:00 AM

If you need shoes in a size anything outside what many would consider the ordinary realm of sizes, say a size 13, the search for shoes that will fit you can be downright comical from an outside perspective, if not ruthlessly frustrating when you’re in the driver’s seat. Compounding this aggravation is the simple fact that the shoe size you need is unlikely (not) going to change until the later years of your life, and even worse, the need for shoes that fit properly is a must. At one time or another, we’ve all probably slipped into a pair of shoes that were either too big or too small, but if you subject yourself to that practice for too long the consequences will reach all the way from simple discomfort to certain injury.


Extra Large and Wide Brown Dress Shoes Image


The search for big shoe sizes will take you high and low, but seldom will the search be enjoyable or fruitful and even more seldom with the search, incur only a minimum of expense. If you expect to search through a brick and mortar retail location that does not specialize in shoes, much less big shoe sizes, and find shoes in any size past 13 you may be in for a rude awakening. Even then pairs of shoes in size 12 or 13 almost appear on shelves as an afterthought. And oftentimes, though you might be able to snag a pair on clearance at a great price due to the correlative rarity of purchasers, you’ll be limited to whatever chance might bring you. That’s hardly an effective strategy for building a wardrobe or a functional outfit of shoes for work or recreation.

If you take your search online, you’ll be just as likely to be stifled by the scarcity of shoes in the right size or width for you. Shopping most specialty outlets can be fairly cost prohibitive and offer you the same issues of selection since many will specialize in dress shoes or work boots or somewhere in between. Sooner or later if you make a habit of paying a little extra for a custom order or something else of that nature it will get old fairly quickly. In short, it’s very difficult to find shoes that are extra wide or in extended sizes.

What you need is access to a supplier where you can find all the shoes you need to live your best life, at reasonable prices and in good supply. Shoes for the office, shoes for track and field, and shoes for job sites and outdoor recreation. Shoes for hunting and hiking and backpacking, too, and not just in big shoe sizes, in your shoe size. That’s where XL Feet comes in. XL Feet offers just that and only that. Shoes - all sorts of shoes, boots, sandals and other footwear like socks and insoles, in extended widths and sizes. XL Feet will make it easy and affordable for you to find any style of shoe you need in your size, and if you need any more reason, here’s why the time has come for you to get your mens shoes in the proper size from XL Feet.


The Perils of Shoes That Don’t Fit Right

Extra Large and Wide Brown Lace Up Hiking Boots Image

As has already been boldly asserted, every one of us has at some time or other made the concession of settling for a pair of shoes if only for a moment, that doesn’t fit right. Not that anyone would willingly settle for a lifetime of pinched toes and blistered heels, but why does a shoe size need not simply fit, but fit right?

Well, sometimes it really is only a matter of temporary discomfort and compromise for style. The writer of this exploratory text himself has occasionally settled for a nice pair of dress shoes a size too small or too large. While this results in a less than optimum fit, those same results hardly ever even venture into discomfort. In fact, no one would know, not even the wearer, that the shoes were not categorically of the proper size.

That being the case, we can’t always make such concessions for style. Anything less than a size up or down is going to result in discomfort that ranges from cramped and blistered feet to poor support that can aggravate underlying conditions like poor arch support or any type of preexisting inflammation. And that only accounts for the relatively stable and undemanding conditions exacted upon the feet while wearing dress shoes, say at the office or at dinner when a large portion of time won’t really be spent standing or walking anyway.

Just the same, make too many concessions on size and even with dress shoes or slippers, you will reap the negative effects of discomfort and inflammation. Transfer that into an arena where your shoes really matter, and you’ll have an entire world of other issues on your hands (or feet, as you see it.)

If you are using your shoes for the very function they provide, say with sneakers or running shoes for the gym or to play some sport or boots for working outside in inhospitable conditions or for hiking or hunting or tracking, shoes that don’t fit properly quickly become another issue entirely. Say you rely on your shoes for support while you are lifting weights or running or for traction while playing tennis or rock climbing or what have you - pick a shoe that’s too large and you’ll slip, which is problematic whether you find yourself playing tennis or rock climbing. Pick a shoe that’s too small which is more likely in this particular case and you’ll cramp your feet, cause blisters and perhaps even worse damage and be ineffective at gauging your terrain, which can be much more dangerous. The conditions surrounding outdoor work and recreation are even less forgiving, but that will be explored shortly.

The point is that you need shoes in your size, not shoes that fit just well enough. You can get shoes in your size and width right here at So let’s take a look at what they offer.


Dress Shoes and Sneakers


Many men with extra large and wide black dress shoes and boots


The main benefit of shopping for dress shoes at XL Feet, along with the fact that the shoes are in your size, is the fact that their selection is just awesome. They have the names you look for everywhere, in styles that you can pair with anything, all in one place and at great prices that won’t stimulate your sense of offense.


If you’re looking for dress shoes at XL Feet you can find some awesome styles in brands like Dunham and Propet. You’ll find shoes with the amazing therapeutic properties of Drew Shoes because you’ll find Drew Shoes there as well. And of course, you’ll find the perennial favorite, Florsheim, well-represented among their offerings. There are wingtips, square toes and dress boots in leather - burgundy and black and brown, some even waterproof. All you have to do is shop the selection at and you’ll be able to find whatever you need to match with your jacket or tie. Best of all, they’re all in your size so that you’ll never have to weather a nerve of discomfort again.

As for sneakers and athletic shoes, you’ll find these at XLFeet, which is even more necessary to find in your size. If you need running shoes, check out the stock they have in New Balance or Spira or Saucony. If you need shoes for field sports you’ll even be able to find specialty items like Reebok cleats in your size. In this arena, compromise is a pronounced danger. In a sport like running or football where your shoe not only supports but protects, slipping or blistering can cause grave injuries. Do the right thing the first time and make sure you buy your athletic shoes in your size. You’ll thank yourself later. But don’t settle for running shoes if you need a specific pair like golf shoes - get golf shoes - you’ll find all these in big shoe sizes here at


Outdoor Work and Recreation


Extra Large and Wide Hoss Lace Up Work Boots Image

These situations are the least forgiving and most demanding of all, and it’s never safe to cut corners here. Take for example someone who works outside on a job site for construction, excavation, logging or even as the crew of a boat or ship. More likely than not that person is going to need work boots for the job that offer support, protection and insulation, among other things.

Take the worker doing excavation. He will spend long hours in unforgiving conditions, night and day, in summer and in winter, rain or shine, outside. Worse yet, he won’t just be outside but be working in those conditions. That worker is going to need additional protection around the toe of his boot, a steel shank to fortify his sole when working with a shovel, and some degree or other of ankle support. Those are absolutely necessary. He’ll also probably want shoes that are slip-resistant, waterproof to protect him from the mud and puddles he will inevitably encounter in low areas, and a measure of insulation for when he works outside in the winter. It would be nice if the boots had supportive insoles as well for comfort.

What happens to boots like these when they fit right? More specifically, what happens to ankle support when the shoe is too small, or even worse, what damage do inadequately sized steel toes inflict? The question is better left unanswered. That’s not even to mention the fact that insulation is ineffective when the shoe doesn’t fit properly. Ultimately, all of the aforementioned protections will effectively break down unless the boots fit properly. Bottom line - in a situation where protective footwear like workboots are necessary, get the right size. And while you’re at it, don’t settle - get the brand you want. Avengers, Bellevilles, Propets, Carolinas, Wolverines and other big names can all be readily found at


Finally let’s take a look at those who choose to be outdoors for fun, specifically hikers and backpackers. Workboots need to be supportive and protective but in a lot of ways don’t even come close to offering the support that is completely, incontrovertibly imperative to find in hiking boots and shoes. While hiking boots can get away without steel toes and shanks and with thinner, more flexible outsoles than workboots, hiking shoes are meant to absorb serious mileage. Even casual hikers may put in hundreds of miles per year, and serious hikers will invest thousands of miles of trails per year. That kind of wear is different from the abuse that workboots and athletic shoes face, and it requires hiking shoes to be supportive, cradling the foot through multiple positions and under multiple vectors of stress while avoiding creating discomfort and blistering. Discomfort standing still is one thing - discomfort when you know you have 18 miles between you and the car or the campsite is an entirely different world altogether. Grave injuries can be sustained far too easily simply by using a pair of shoes that doesn’t fit and support you properly. Blistering is only the beginning of the injury that can be caused by wearing poorly matched hiking shoes. As with workboots, and any boots, really, get yours in your size. Shop at XLFeet and you won’t just find them in big shoe sizes but from proven makers like Keen, Columbia and Lowa.



Not Just Shoes and Boots

So you’ve done it, you’ve found that supplier that will bring every pair of boots and shoes you need right to your doorstep. You know what’s better than that? Here’s something - You’ll need large socks too, right? And insoles? And slippers and sandals if you’re looking for them. Guess what. You can find all those just as easily, and in the size you need, here at XL Feet. And, interestingly enough you will need those in your size just as you’ll need shoes in your size as well. So don’t waste another minute searching. You have arrived at your destination. Find the shoes, boots and other footwear you need today right here at



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