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Guide to the Best Holiday Gifts for XL Feet

Posted by Adrian on Dec 20, 2019 2:09:00 PM

While it might seem unusual, the gift of quality footwear is extremely valuable – especially for someone with extra-large or extra-wide feet. When it’s not easy to find the perfect fit, not to mention the struggle of finding stylish options in specialty sizes, receiving a great pair of shoes is an incredible gift. We know this all too well here at XL Feet. But we also understand that this can be tricky to get just right for someone other than yourself. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a guide to footwear gifts that will be sure to treat any of your loved ones to quality, comfort, and style – even those with extra-large feet.

Wool Socks

Wool socks are a great accessory any time of year, but they really step up to the plate during the cold winter months. This time of year, wool is a quality option for almost any activity, whether it’s trekking through the cold streets, hiking outdoors, or simply dressing up for work.


Extra Large Wool Socks by a Fire


Merino wool is designed to keep feet warm, dry, and well-circulated in any situation. Additionally, many of our options include material blends of nylon and elastic to ensure the proper fit while maintaining durability. And because we’re XL Feet, our styles come in a plethora of sizes – up to size 19! Our three-packs make excellent stocking stuffers and will complement any shoe in any wardrobe.

Also try our slipper socks with added cushioning for a luxurious, cozy fit!

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Dress Socks

A great pair of dress shoes looks even better with stylish socks. To complement your loved one’s wardrobe, gift them a pair of high-quality dress socks from our selection. Rest assured that whatever size or width foot you’re shopping for, you will find a pair of comfortable socks to fit. For work or a night out, XL Feet has a variety of dress socks that provide durable, long-lasting comfort designed for the largest feet.


Image of mens extra large and wide dress shoes and socks

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Hoss Memory Foam Insoles

Extra-large feet can experience a lot of stress day to day, from ill-fitting shoes to constricting socks to the regular pressures of work or play. If anyone on your holiday shopping list can relate to these issues, make sure they are as comfortable as possible by gifting them a pair of quality memory foam insoles from The Hoss Boot Company.

Image of Hoss Memory Foam Insoles for extra large and wide feet


XL Feet’s Hoss memory foam insoles are made from a soft base with gel pressure pads that ensure a comfortable step every time. The added cushioning for the heel, ball, and arch not only comforts the foot but may help alleviate other bodily aches and pains that stem from foot problems.

For work boots, sneakers, or dress shoes, Hoss memory foam insoles are a simple way to change the fit of any shoe. And of course, XL Feet offers a selection of insoles in sizes up to 19 to ensure that everyone can experience extra comfort.

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Nothing says luxury like stepping into a warm, cozy pair of slippers first thing in the morning. And now, even those with extra-large, extra-wide feet can experience the same feeling. XL Feet offers a wide variety of slippers in extensive sizes that is sure to satisfy at least one person on your holiday shopping list. From moccasins to plush linings to non-slip soles, our slipper selection offers plenty of choices.


Old Friend extra large and wide slippers

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Stop by XL Feet and Experience Our One-Stop Gift Shop Today

Don’t put it off any longer; use our handy gift guide to make sure that whoever you’re shopping for this holiday season gets a truly valuable present that they’re sure to enjoy. Whether its shoes or shoe accessories, XL Feet stands by our products, styles, and – most importantly – our range of sizes. Visit us today or give us a call at (651) 797-6000. Remember – fitting extra large feet is no extra large feat for us!



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