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Some Great Large Men’s Shoes For Hiking

Posted by Adrian on Feb 13, 2020 6:19:12 AM

Hiking is one of the best ways to get back in touch with nature and spend a day really being present in the outdoors. It’s not just for the warmer months, either as some of the best days for spending outdoors are in the winter, where the activity will keep you warm. Few things are more enjoyable than the sights and solitude of a long hike - although hiking with buddies is a great way to get out there too.

 Hiking, however, takes a great toll on your feet. Taking a hike, even a short one, in shoes that are inadequate for any reason, such as support, cushioning, or size, is a very bad idea. Here at XL Feet, we specialize in removing the burden of finding shoes that fit, offering you large men’s shoes in sizes all the way up through size 21. We also offer you some of the best shoes and boots out there, and our hiking shoes are no exception. When you come to us here at XL Feet, we’ll help set you up with hiking shoes in your size for success on the trail. Here are some great choices for hikers in large men’s shoes that will keep you well supported in your outdoor endeavors.


Overall, Keen makes some excellent shoes for hiking, climbing, hunting and other outdoor activities. Though attributes vary by the model of shoe, you can expect to find such traits as insulation, waterproofing, an extremely supportive and cushioned insole and very tough, tactile outsole, along with varying levels of ankle support. A great option from Keen for summer hiking when not too much ankle support is needed is their Targhee II. The upper is made with waterproof nubuck to keep you dry when traveling in the low country, the shoe offers additional heel support and the soles have multidirectional lugs and a lightweight ESS shank for support. These shoes might look lightweight, but they are hardcore beaters that will support you over miles and miles of country

The Keen Voyageur is another great choice when you don’t need the extra weight or extra ankle support. It includes the same features that add durability to the Targhee like a shank and lugs, but in place of the waterproof upper, these shoes have side vents to keep you cool in the summer. Any time you expect to be sweating but still need the great support that comes from Keen’s, these are a great choice.

 Columbia is another name that hikers and outdoorsmen hold in high regard for the support their shoes offer and the ruggedness of their construction. Columbia’s Redmond Mid Waterproof shoes are a great choice for breathable shoes that will still keep you dry. The techlite lightweight midsole is superb for cushioning and supporting your feet for all-day comfort when you’re tackling longer trails.

hunting-shoes-1What about when you need a good pair of shoes for winter hiking? They’ll need to offer you the same support as shoes you’d use in the summer, but in the winter quality waterproofing is even more important. In addition, you’ll need insulation to protect you from the cold. For winter hiking, take a look at Columbia’s Gunnison Plus Omni Heat. A waterproof leather upper and plenty of ankle support come with these boots, which also offer excellent traction. Whether you’re slogging through 8 inches of mud and water in winter fields or over snow and rocks, these shoes will excel at keeping you dry and warm, support your feet and ankles, and cushioning you.

Here’s another pair of hiking shoes that will provide you excellent protection and support and will last for many years with proper care. The Propet’s Preferred Cliff Walkers pack a whole lot of function in mid-height hiking boots. They are waterproof and have remarkably tough and tactile outsoles to weather many years and miles of trails. Most of all, their full-grain uppers offer a toughness that pretty much can’t be matched. If you take care of full-grain leather it will take care of you. It’s abrasion-resistant yet supple and will protect your feet from a variety of adverse conditions.

We offer these and many more options here at XL Feet, so that you’ll never have a tough time finding hiking shoes and other large men’s shoes again. Whether you’re looking for a pair that offers a bit more in the way of ankle support or you need an insulated pair for going out confidently in the winter when the temperature dips, you can find what you’re looking for here - and in your size! Never hit the trail in shoes that don’t offer you the proper supports and protections as you’ll set yourself up for discomfort and injury, and with XL Feet, you’ll never have to. Find your next pair of hikers right on our page today.

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