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Some Top Picks In Extra Wide Men’s Shoes And Workboots

Posted by Adrian on Feb 17, 2020 1:07:58 AM

If you need extra wide men’s shoes, it’s rarely more noticeable than when you actually need workboots to support you and protect your feet. Whether you rely on the protection of a faithful pair of workboots every day on the job or you only periodically break out a pair of boots for yard work, a proper fit is critical. While a proper fit is important to preventing injury, an improper fit can actually be the cause of it. Here are some things to consider.

 While a pair of shoes that are too narrow is never going to be a comfortable experience, most shoes will just squeeze your feet uncomfortably. Now we’re going to change up the situation for a moment and swap out those shoes with a pair of steel or composite toe work boots. A shoe will constrict your feet, but your toes have absolutely nowhere else to go inside of a steel or composite toe box. Only a few minutes of labor grating up against a toe box and you’ll wish you weren’t wearing boots at all.

 A pair of boots that are too narrow will also rob you of any or all of the insulative benefits of the boot. Yes, boots do rely on their insulative proper to trap heat within their space, but if they constrict your foot they will be preventing heat from getting there in the first place. It’s a bad combination.

 There’s also the fact that workboots that are too narrow are not going to support you properly, so over the course of a day of work, you will slowly experience the growing effects of discomfort. When you’re on your feet all day or just for a prolonged period, there’s little worse than a pair of boots that don’t fit. So if you want to get the protective benefits of workboots without the discomfort of toes rubbed raw and cold feet, make sure you get extra wide men’s shoes or boots in the first place. Here are a few great picks for different situations.

Dunham Lawrence Steel Toe

steel_toeThese shoes give off more of the image of a pair of hiking shoes than work boots, but with their wonderful ergonomic and comfortable features, rugged outsole, and steel toe, you should have no doubts about their capabilities. They’re waterproof and offer comfort-enhancing features like an EVA midsole for cushioning and a nylon shank in the midsole to support your arch and give the shoe greater structural soundness. They’re also lightweight and offer a low cut ankle for a greater range of motion.



Avenger 7258 Men’s 6” Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot

work_bootThese are a great all-purpose pair of waterproof work boots. They’re not only fairly light, but they offer a fair amount of ankle support without riding too high. They feature a very durable tread pattern with deep grooves for great traction in a wide range of environments as well as the protection of a steel toe and a bumper on the toe of the upper. Speaking up the upper, it’s made of full-grain leather, which is not only remarkably protective, it will last for many years with proper treatment. Here’s another bonus - the thread used in the construction of these boots is heat, abrasion and rot resistance. The thread is often one of the first things to wear in a pair of workboots, but these tough ones are engineered to hang in there.


Carolina 8” Steel Toe Logger Boot

logger_bootThese are a solid pair of boots for those who need serious ankle support and protection while they’re executing heavy labor. With a heavy leather upper offering plenty of ankle support and protection against abrasion as well as a tough as nails outsole with a 90-degree heel and a steel shank, these boots can take nearly anything you can throw at them. Whether you’re digging ditches, laying cables or working lumber, these boots offer you the protection you need to keep you safe - and comfortable.




Thorogood Rubber Insulated Felt Fire Boot With Lug Soles

lug_soleThese boots are rock solid as well, and a little more specialized than the other entries in this list, but in their area of work, they are just about as good a boot as you can find. They are insulated and chemical resistant with a puncture-resistant steel bottom plate. Thorogood has also added some extra material to the toe so that the rubber won’t wear down as easily. For firefighters, a pair of boots like these can help keep you safe and comfortable in hazardous situations.

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