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The Best Men’s Snow Boots Size 15

Posted by Adrian on Nov 27, 2019 10:30:00 AM

There are few feelings worse than a wet sock -- the soggy scratchy wool, the squash of lukewarm water beneath your sole -- but toe-freeze, the feeling that, at any moment, one of your extremities may detach from the body of your foot and fall, stands out. We’ve got to stay warm. Whether shoveling your driveway, exploring the arctic, or working in a snowscape, good Men’s Snow Boots Size 15 are essential.

Mens Winter Boots Covered in Snow

At XL Feet, we know the struggle of finding shoes for the largest and widest feet. With our Men’s Snow Boots Size 15 and other selections, you get a shoe that is actually made to fit large and wide feet and come in sizes not commonly found in retailers.

You don’t want shoes or boots that are made with poor quality, but this is often the case with larger shoe sizes. You need something that actually fits your foot and won’t fall apart after just a few uses. This is especially the case for snow boots, which have to deal with more extreme elements and can experience more wear and tear in a shorter period of time. They may be boots designed for a specific time of year and you may not use them for more than a couple of months each year, but you cannot underestimate what well-fitted snow boots can do for your feet as you deal with the elements.

Our Picks for Men’s Snow Boots Size 15:

1. Sorel Caribou Winter Boots

Sorel Caribou Boots in Tobacco

We, the big men of the world, deserve warm, dry feet. That’s why our Sorel Caribou Winter Boots come in size 8-13, 14, 15, 16, and 17.

Constructed from waterproof nubuck leather, these stylish and durable winter boots will protect your feet from winter weather. With a handcrafted vulcanized rubber shell and seam-sealed waterproof construction, the Caribou conquers snow, shoving aside drifts and slamming through the ice. The 9 mm

Thermoplus felt inner boot, with its Sherpa Pile snow cuff, contributes to this boot’s -40 Fahrenheit rating. You read that right.

This boot will keep you warm at temperatures 70 degrees below freezing.

The Sorel Aerotrac non-loading outsole provides all the traction you need while attacking slippery surfaces of snow and ice, or striding through a lovely winter’s day. For more than 50 years, Sorel has been the name to trust when winter strikes.


2. Keen anchorage III

Keen Anchorage III in RavenThe Keen Anchorage III is the insulated cold-weather boot that the Bigfoot community needs. Available in size 7-13, 14, 15, 16, and 17, this winter warrior comes with 200g of KEEN.
Warm Insulation, a warmth-capturing thermal heat-shield footbed, and CLEANSPORT NXT for natural odor protection. You might venture north of the wall with confidence in these arctic-approved snowshoes, which can withstand temperatures down to -25 Fahrenheit.
They look pretty snazzy, too, with an elastic-sided upper constructed for easy application and removal, and 4 mm multi-directional lugs for traction. If you’re looking for that Jon-Snow-whupping-the-white-walkers look, don’t get cold feet, go Keen for all your winter needs.
Here’s a tip: check out the background of a few later season shots, and you might see Mr. Snow surreptitiously slipping his feet into a pair of black Keen Anchorage III’s.


3. Propet Blizzard mid zip

Propet Blizzard Mid Zip

Now: don’t think we’ve forgotten about all of you who need wide widths. The Propet Blizzard Mid Zip comes in size 8-13, 14, and 15, up to 5E wide.

5E wide Insulated Waterproof Boots are a rarity, like finding a yeti outside the Himalayan mountain range, but, like any intrepid retail of footwear, we are always willing to go above and beyond for our customer. So we tracked these bad boys down and stocked them.

Built to keep your feet warm and dry, these cold weather boots boast 200g of Thinsulate, a rugged Scotchgard®-treated durable leather upper and a Vaporex® heat-retaining insole system designed for extra insulation and cushion.

In addition, these boots are equipped with a zipper for easy removal. No more fumbling with laces! For all our wide-footed friends out there, these boots are a must-have.


Working in the snow is already enough of a task as it is. Not having the right footwear can just make it worse. So why should you have to settle for less than what you deserve?


With XL Feet, get the Men’s Snow Boots Size 15 and other large and wide sizes that you really need to keep your feet warm and safe when you are working in the snow. Also choose XL Feet for footwear for any other situation from hiking to working in other weather conditions and more. We have been in business since 2009 providing people with large or wide feet with more options than are commonly available in a typical retail store. When you need something specific, a size very hard to find that fits comfortably and allows you to focus on work or relaxation, you want to choose XL Feet.



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