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The Perfect Extra Wide Hiking Boots

Posted by Adrian on Nov 20, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Have you ever hiked in the wrong pair of shoes? It’s a terrible feeling: your toes compressed into a narrow cap, your ankle rubbing uncomfortably against tight fabric. But, the right pair of shoes—they feel like heaven, like walking on air, on clouds of candy-floss. Our Extra Wide Hiking Boots are fitted specifically for outdoor activity. They are the perfect companion for the rugged outdoorsman, whose love of crisp air and rushing rivers compels him to climb slopes both steep and gentle.


At XL Feet we specialize in shoes for the largest soles, and our Extra Wide Hiking Boots are tailored specifically to meet the needs of our consumer base. Though other retails have long sold shoes in larger sizes, we found that these products were often generic, and of inferior quality to products of a smaller size. That goes doubly for hiking boots. Our mission is to bring quality footwear to the wide-width masses, who deserve a boot that can hold up under the stress of a long hike.


As with any shoe, you want to get a proper fit, but that goes doubly so for hiking boots, which deal with more wear and tear than almost any other kind of footwear. From winding paths to boulder fields, your boots are going to take a beating. Creek beds, forest overhangs, bluffs of stone—there are all sorts of obstacles to a hike, and you deserve the Extra Wide Hiking Boots that will put up with all of them, and win the day. We at XL Feet are dedicated to providing you with the finest array of boots possible, and our selection of hiking boots is culled from a much wider pool of potential products.

Our Extra Wide Hiking Boot suggestions:


1. Drew Shoe Rockford


Drew Shoe Rockford


The Drew Shoe Rockford is the Shaquille O’Neal of Extra Wide Hiking Boots. The Rockford is a big man’s hiker that not only provides support and comfort on the trail, but added width and depth, as well, for those of us who need extra room for orthoses. There are two removable footbeds found within the patented Plus Fitting System®, which are perfect for extra-thick orthotics. Many of the Bigfoots who chose this boot appreciated its smooth lining, and its stylish, midnight-black colorway. Complete with waterproof leather uppers, and a slip-resistant design, the Rockford is the ideal hiking boot for guys with a wide foot, a high instep, and sensitive soles. It comes in sizes 7-13, 14, 15, and 16, from EEEEEE to 6E wide.



2. The Dunham Cloud


Dunham Cloud


The Dunham Cloud, while not the nickname of a legendary semi-pro tennis player, is the name of a Big Mens waterproof hiking boot, made in sizes 7-13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18—from regular/medium up to EEEE wide. The boot is extremely light weight, and comes equipped with a removable folded EVA and memory foam footbed. A fiberglass stability shank embedded into the midsole supports the arch. With its steam-sealed, waterproof construction the Dunham cloud is sure to keep your feet dry while wading creeks and scaling mountains. The TRU-Trak multi-dimensional outsole grip configuration provides maximum traction in surface contact. The Dunham Cloud may be eligible for Medicare Reimbursement.



3. The Keen Voyageur

Keen Voyager


The Keen Voyageur is for exactly that: keen voyageurs. During the colonial period, a voyageur was a boatman employed by a fur company, whose job consisted of transporting goods and passengers to and from trading posts. They would tramp through muddy creeks, and over massive boulders. They would conquer switchbacks and canyon paths. Like a sherpa, but with a beard and an Atlantic accent, the voyageur was the master of his domain. The Large Keen Voyageur hiking boot, offered in sizes 7-13, 14, 15, 16, and 17, provide traction and toe protection to equal the tough forest landscapes of that rough and ready period in American history. They feature multi-directional lugs and an ESS Shank to ensure maximum stability. Keen extends their durable rubber soles up and over the toe cap so that the Voyageur can withstand a greater degree of trail abuse. Backwoods beware!



How can XL Feet help you?

Now that you’ve browsed some of our hiking boots, take a look at the rest of our selection. You’ll recognize, in our products, a commitment to high-caliber footwear and accessories. At XL Feet, we take pride in being the best provider of quality footwear to the wide width, and bigfoot, communities. Since 2009, we’ve been serving our bigfooted brethren from our brick and mortar in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Our expert staff has more experience in the world of wide width than any competing retailer. In addition to hiking boots, we sell socks, slippers, running shoes, sandals, slides, and assorted accessories.

XL Feet Consumer Tips

Keep in mind that some of our Extra Wide Hiking Boots accommodate prescribed orthoses, and some do not. Always check the item description to determine which is which.




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