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Three Great Size 14 Boots You Can Find at XL Feet

Posted by Adrian on Feb 11, 2020 4:19:49 AM



There are three main types of size 14 boots: hiking boots, work boots, and snow boots. We will provide an overview of each type, and provide one example from our stock at XL Feet to demonstrate how the general definition of the shoe translates into specifics.

Let’s begin with hiking boots.

Hiking boots are designed specifically to protect the feet and ankles during outdoor activity. Their quality and durability determine a person’s ability to travel long distances without injury, and they are constructed to provide comfort over those distances. As such, they are usually made with special protections around the heel. Because they provide a ton of ankle support, hiking boots tend to be fairly stiff before you break them in. Remember that hiking boots should not fit too tightly or too loosely, so as to prevent blisters from forming. In addition to hiking, most hiking boots are designed for activities that include backpacking and mountaineering.

At XL Feet, one of our most popular hiking boots is the Large Keen Targhee II. This is one of the first hiking boots to officially be made in wide—as well as in sizes seven - seventeen. In addition to making these boots waterproof, Keen made a point to keep them breathable too, because we bigfoots of the world tend to run hot. Sweaty feet on a long-distance hike does not make for a happy hiker. When it comes to keeping a foot dry, attention must be paid to moisture management from the inside out, that why Keen developed their KEEN.DRY ™ waterproof breathable membrane. But a hiking boot must also be durable, and the Targhee does not disappoint. Keen equipped these hiking boots with their famous rubber toe cap—an elongation of the outsole that they wrap over the toe. This keeps the seam between the waterproof upper and the durable sole from separating. Every man with big or wide feet has experienced this seam-separation, but Keen has virtually eliminated the possibility with their design.

The next size 14 boot we’ll look at is the work boot, which is a type of heavy-duty footwear traditionally made with a steel-toe, though the past decade or so has seen the rise of the composite toe—a lightweight, protective toe cap usually made of plastic. Work boots are used in construction, machine shops, carpentry shops, and in many other industrial workplaces. Legislation and insurance requirements mandate the use of these boots in certain work environments, as well as the certification of such boots (graded as slip-resistant, resistant to electricity, etc). The main priority in work boot design is safety. They protect the feet of industrial workers while working in dangerous factory settings.

The Caroline Men’s Six-Inch Composite Toe Work Boot is the best selling work boot at XL Feet. They are made in sizes from seven - sixteen, and in widths from 2E to EEEE - 4E. The cushion in these boots is second to none. They will make you feel like you’re standing on a cloud. These boots are made with a waterproof scubaliner™, and their composite toe allows for an extremely light boot, weighing in at just 2.3 lbs each in size sixteen EE. The shape of the toe box is broad enough to accommodate 4E wide feet with ease. They are electric hazard rated, meaning there is no metal in the boot that could conduct electricity. They also come with a slip-resistant outsole.

The final boot we’ll look at is the snow boot. A generally waterproof boot, in almost all cases it retains a high side to keep snow out, and a rubber sole. They are always insulated beneath the waterproof layer of material and are designed for use in deep, heavy snow, slush, and mud.

One of our favorite snow boots, at XL Feet, is the Big Sorel Bear XT Winter Boots. These boots come in sizes eight to seventeen because we bigfoots of the world deserve dry feet. Made for extreme winter conditions, these boots are rated to negative sixty degrees Fahrenheit. Constructed with a durable water and wind-resistant polyurethane-coated synthetic textile upper, the Bear XT is ready for anything the winter throws at it. A removable nine-millimeter ThermoPlus felt inner boot with an Omni-Heat reflective lining provides the insulation essential to any good snow boot. The Bear XT is perfect for a man who is going to be out in harsh winter conditions for any period of time. The outsole is made from handcrafted waterproof vulcanized rubber. It will not leak, keeping your feet fireside dry.

These are just a few of the size 14 boots we offer here at XL Feet. Since we opened our doors in 2009, our team of experts has been committed to providing the Bigfoot and Wide Width communities with the customer service, and the range of products, that you deserve. In addition to boots, we sell shoes, socks, sandals, and more!

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