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Three Great Size 16 Men’s Work Boots

Posted by Adrian on Feb 10, 2020 5:09:23 AM




The thing with size 16 men’s work boots is that they’re like finding really personable cats—kind of almost impossible. That’s why, in 2009, Adrian Coulter liquidated his retirement account and stated XL Feet with just $8,000. Adrian’s a big guy, with size 16 feet, and he knows how tough it can be shopping for proper sizes and widths. When he first began retailing he quickly saw the demand for sizes fourteen-plus, as well as 4E and up, and, by 2017, he had grown the company, surpassing $1.2 Million in revenue. When he started, there were already companies offering large and wide footwear online, but their services were often generic, inferior in both quality and substance to the services provided to people with smaller, thinner feet.

When we think of shoes, we often think about their aesthetic qualities—their color, their branding. Less often do we think of their utility—their comfort and support. That’s because many of us buy shoes primarily for the way they look. But an equal number also need boots for work, for construction, for logging, for wading through pools of chemicals. What about those of us with big feet? Where do we get the size 16 men's work boots we need?

Look no further than XL Feet. You’ll recognize, in our products, a commitment to high-caliber footwear and accessories. Our expert staff has more experience in the worlds of bigfoot and wide width than any competing retailer, and we are always here to assist you with any of your footwear needs. With no further ado, here are some of our size 16 men's work boots:

Something about the Carolina Men’s Large Eight Inch Domestic Work Boot just screams tough. Whether it’s the briar pitstop leather upper, or the dual-density polyurethane outsole, this boot is expressly constructed to contend with the harshest of working environments. Carolina is based in Martinsburg, PA, and all of their shoes are made right here in the USA. From size eight to size sixteen, all of their large composite toe waterproof work boots also come in widths from B narrow to 4E wide. Featuring a removable AG7 polyurethane footbed, this boot provides all-day comfort. The leather welt keeps its seam-sealed, and its waterproof scubaliner® provides that extra layer of protection. This shoe is rated for electrical hazards, sporting a non-metallic shank that will not conduct electricity. And, oh, did we mention? It’s made in the USA.

The Avenger 7547 Men’s Six-Inch Work Boot is the first to feature 6E width in a reputable work boot. Available in sizes seven - seventeen, the men needing a well-made 6E work boot are finally able to relax. This boot is puncture-resistant and completely non-metallic. Whether you work in a power plant, the airport, or another facility, these boots will allow you to pass through a metal detector hassle-free. The super-lightweight carbon nanofiber composite safety toe is the gold standard in protective footwear, using composite plastic technology to provide benefits you simply can’t get with a steel-toed workboot. Composite toes don’t conduct cold as easily as steel, and they weigh far less. The boots’ full-grain crazy horse upper is a masterpiece of leather. The outsole is made of slip-and-oil resistant nitrile rubber for durability and includes a   heal for greater safety. The insole is made of dual-density, perspiration absorbing polyurethane.

New to the game is New Balance. Their 989 Composite Toe work boots come in sizes seven - eighteen, are available up to EEEE wide. This athletic work boot is much appreciated by the man who spends the workday on his feet. They’ll keep your toes protected, and the boss off your back. Few companies make boots with Static Dissipative construction, but New Balance is no ordinary manufacturer. New Balance’s ultra-soft comfort insert will have your feet feeling heavenly. Made with non-conductive, electrical-shock-resistant soles and heels, these work boots meet OSHA electrical hazard footwear guidelines to the tee. Their innovative REVlite midsole provides premium responsiveness and durability while remaining 30% lighter than other foams with comparable performance results. All in all, this shoe is a monster: a comfortable on-the-job boot that you can wear out afterward and still look good.

Check out the rest of the selections that we have to offer at XL Feet. In addition to providing Size 16 men's work boots, we are proud to offer all kinds of quality footwear and accessories ranging from hiking boots, work boots, snow boots, socks, and even sandals. For over a decade, we have been serving the St. Paul, MN area to provide more options for footwear to those who have wide or large feet. Just because you need a larger size doesn’t mean you should be shut out from finding the footwear you need. Choose XL Feet and get the selection you deserve.



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