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We Have Size 15 Men's Shoes At XL Feet

Posted by Adrian on Feb 26, 2020 4:05:52 AM

Sometimes, you use things that get the job done just well enough. Sometimes, you need an umbrella but you just button your coat up a little bit tighter and tuck your chin down into your collar. Sometimes you need a spade but all you have is a scoop, so you just end up using the corners of the scoop to dig on in. And sometimes, good enough is good enough. Cutting corners should never be the aim of any project of yours, but when you absolutely need to cut corners, you may as well do it with an uncommon measure of spit-shine and elbow grease.

sorelThere are a few times when you should do everything you can to avoid cutting corners, however. One of these is with footwear, all the more so if you wear a larger size like size 15 men's shoes. Especially if you need a specific type or measure of functionality out of your footwear, it’s uncomfortable and dangerous to cut corners when you need the right type of shoe or boot for the job. To make an example out of the above train of thinking, sometimes you need snow boots if you work for a landscaping business in the winter when you’re shoveling to keep sidewalks, roads and parking lots clear. And sometimes, all you have is sneakers when you need snow boots, but that just is not a good compromise to make.

The point is that when you need size 15 men's shoes and you need a specific function from your shoes or boots, like the insulation and waterproofing that come with a good pair of snow boots, you shouldn’t be cutting corners. Oftentimes you’d only be cutting corners because you simply can’t find what you need, which is typically the case with guys with large feet looking for shoes that fit. Consider a pair of boots that don’t really fit the way they should. Here’s what you should be looking for when evaluating the fit and comfort of a pair of boots.

Put on the boots. That’s the first prerequisite - if the boots fit on your feet at all. If you’ve crossed that hurdle you’re at the very least on your way to a good fitting pair of boots, but you’re by no means over the threshold. Next, feel your feet in the boots. Are your heels tight? Do the sides of your feet pinch and grind tightly against the middlebox portion of the shoe? If you feel tight or constricted around the middle of your foot or around your heel, these are two warning signs to heed well.

There’s still more to consider, however. You need to check the support of the boot. Take a few steps and stretch a little in the boots. If the boot can’t move with you comfortably and every single movement is a practice in medieval torture, then your boots definitely won’t make the grade. But you’re not out of the woods yet, even if so far your boots have passed muster. There’s still another test. You need to make sure there’s enough room in your toe box, as you need the most flexibility (and a lot of support) through the ball of the sole to the toes.

Many people pull the old ‘squeeze the top of the shoe’s toe box and if you can’t feel your toes you’re good” test. That might be fine for sneakers where the most you’ll be doing is a bit of light walking and lounging around the house or yard. For boots that you will use for work or on the trail, you need to get a little more thorough with your investigation. Take the same few steps and stretches that you took earlier and pay careful attention to your toes. If at any point of flexion or exertion your toes are grinding against the top, sides or front of the toe box, your boots don’t fit. That pressure might not be uncomfortable at first, but it will be over time if you allow it to go unchecked.

So Your Boots Don’t Fit - Is It A Big Deal?

So you’ve made the observation that your boots don’t fit - especially if you need or usually wear sze 15 men's shoes or boots, this is not going to be altogether too uncommon an experience for you. Is it that big a deal to squeeze into boots that are too small? Well, yes.

You can get away with it with shoes that you’re really only wearing for fashion or for light use (although you shouldn’t anyway) but the purpose of boots in the first place is that you need a very specific level of support and protection. Otherwise, you could just wear a pair of sandals on your job site or while you were shoveling snow, and you just can’t. We’ll take a look at work boots, boots for hunting and hiking, and boots for shoveling snow. But first, why is it such a big deal if they don’t fit as well as they could.

big_bootsWe won’t even waste our time explaining how it will be uncomfortable to wear boots that are too small. You can figure that out on your own and don’t need to research anyone else’s opinion on the matter. So take that at face value - it will hurt.

It’s bigger than that, however. Generally, you need boots that will protect you in the following ways. They need to support your foot during exertion which includes protection against slipping, they need to protect your foot from external hazards, they need to keep you dry when it’s wet and warm when it’s cold. There are other considerations that can be made for very specific environments but these are the main things we’ll be looking at.

If your boots don’t fit, they’re not going to support you properly when you’re walking long distances or working hard. They’ll pinch and stress your foot which will cause pain in the short run and could lead to complications like arthritis over time. If you need your boots to protect your toes or your sole from hazards such as falling debris or puncture, those very features like a steel toe or puncture-resistant soles will become hazards themselves. You can rub your toes raw inside of a small toe box or restrict your circulation from a boot that’s too tight. Additionally, if your boots don’t fit right and circulation is compromised the insulation will be ineffective and more, boots that are too tight will wear out more quickly, which means they will lose their waterproofing and other desirable features.

There, that’s it in a nutshell. Much more could be said on the horrors of wearing boots that are too small, but let it suffice that it’s not a good idea for the aforementioned reasons. The good news is, right here at XL Feet we can set you up with size 15 men's shoes and boots for all of the uses we’ve outlined and more.

Boots For Work

boots_fashionHere at XL Feet we are proud to offer men’s work boots in sizes all the way up through size 21. You won’t need to search high and low to get a proper fitting footwear anymore, or all of the benefits that come with them. Take a look at our Avenger 7506 Wedge 6” Waterproof Carbon Nanofiber Toe Boots, which offer most of the features anyone’s ever looked for in work boots. They offer you the protection, support and comfort of full-grain leather uppers along with a sturdy wedge sole. For the utmost in protection and support that features cutting edge weight reduction, these boots offer carbon nanofiber composite toes and fiberglass shanks in the sole for support, flexibility and protection. These boots bring you just about the best in lightweight protection, flexibility and longevity. Best of all, when you come to XL Feet to find your next pair of these Avengers, we’ll have them in your size.

If you’re looking for something with a little more ankle support, you can hardly do better than our Carolina Men’s 8” Domestic Work Boots with a steel toe. They offer not only superb ankle support and protection against rolling, but they are electrical hazard rated and offer the heavy, classic protection of a steel toe and steel shank. For protection, support and wear resistance these are an excellent choice.

Looking for a different model or design? We also offer work boots in larger sizes from Bogs, Thorogood, Wolverine and more, with varying degrees of ankle support, toe styles, and rated to withstand many hazards and to different standards. Best of all, when you buy them from us in your size, you’ll actually be reaping the benefits of the protection these boots offer instead of exposing yourself to additional risks.

Snow Boots

So let’s say you need a good pair of snow boots or a couple of pairs for those times around the house when you need to remove a large volume of snow from the driveway or from other common areas. Maybe you would for a landscaping or plowing company that requires you to remove snow as part of the essential duties of your job, which makes a good pair of snow boots even more important. If that’s the case, you’ll need to ensure that your boots fit you properly in order to keep you dry and protect you from the snow, ice and cold temperatures in general.

Here’s some more good news, you’ll find some solid snow boots right here at XL Feet to put up with the worst the winter can bring. You’ll stay warm, dry and comfortable with any of these excellent choices that we offer right here at XL Feet. Take a look at our Propet Blizzard Mid Zip Boots which offer 200 grams of Thinsulate and are waterproofed to keep you warm and dry is the nastiest of winter conditions. They’re lightweight and can easily be put on or taken off, making them even more convenient for foul weather accessibility. Looking for a different pair? Check out some of our excellent boots from Sorel to keep you comfortable in the cold.

Boots For The Trail

 Hiking is just about as hard on a pair of boots as anything you can imagine. They take all the abuse your body can put on them and have to continue to offer support, comfort and flexibility. They usually also have to offer waterproofing and insulation, which is a big-ticket when they have to be as rugged as they are. For hiking shoes that will offer you the gold standard in support and protection on the trail, trust in the best brands that the market offers - you’ll find them right here on our pages at We offer warm, comfortable and supportive hiking shoes from companies like Keen, Columbia, Dunham and more. Especially when you’re going to test your mettle on the trail, never trust your comfort and success to a pair of boots that doesn’t fit you right. You’ll expose yourself to a whole load of perils which begin at inconvenience and discomfort and expose you to an elevated risk of injury. Come on over to us at XL Feet and find the right pair - in the right size - for you.

Not Just Boots

Now that the necessities of settling for nothing less than a comfortable, supportably pair of boots in your size have been clearly illustrated, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be able to find them right here at But guess what, you’re in luck because we’re so much more than just big boots. You can find all the shoes and footwear right here on our site that you’ll need for just about any and every occasion. Start off with a fresh pack of socks in your size and then take a look at what we can offer you in dress shoes and sneakers, or anything else you might need. You’ll be surprised at what you can find right here on our pages. Check out the selection at and call us with any questions you may have at 651-797-6000.

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