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Why You Need Extra Wide Shoes

Posted by Adrian on Jan 20, 2020 2:47:48 PM

Many of us from time to time, in a hurry, will just settle for or slip into the nearest pair of shoes we can find. You can forget the fact that when we’re called to help unload something from the car or go get the mail that we might not be wearing the right shoes to go out. We’re talking actually making a pair of shoes that just doesn’t fit right a designated pair of shoes for daily use. 

That’s enough of a problem for most of us whose shoe sizes are in the average range, and wouldn’t be considered excessively large or small, and there are scenarios in which shoes that are too big can be dangerous on a variety of levels. 

But what happens when you need larger or wider men’s shoes? 

Men's Extra Large and Wide Avenger 7547 Work Boot

What happens when you need shoes in sizes beyond what you can reliably or predictably find in stores? It might be alright to run outside for a few minutes in the wrong pair of shoes, but there are a variety of circumstances under which it just isn’t wide to make this a habit. You certainly shouldn’t be wearing shoes that are too small, particularly if you need those shoes for work. Here are only a few of the problems that you might experience with shoes that just don’t fit right, and where you can get ones that do.


Small Shoes Can Cause Medical Problems

First and foremost, if you need extra wide men's shoes and you settle for a pair that don’t fit, you’re putting yourself at risk for a series of medical complications. One of the most common problems that occur from people wearing shoes that are too small or too narrow is the development of bunions. 

Bunions are swelling or bulging areas that form at the base of a toe, typically the big toe. While they are not necessarily caused by inadequately sized footwear, they are a common problem associated with shoes that are too small, particularly too narrow. Narrow shoes put excessive and harmful pressure on your foot, pushing your joints together. The constant friction and pressure causing the swelling that indicates a bunion. On its surface, bunions are painful and will affect the gait and the quality of the life of the person afflicted. However, over time bunions can cause joints problems like deformity as well as causing or aggravating arthritis. As if there weren’t reason enough to wear shoes in the right size there’s one - get the extra wide men's shoes you need and it could lower your risk of arthritis. At the very least you’ll be more comfortable. 

Wearing shoes that are too tight can also put you at risk of developing corns, which are painful localized inflammations of the foot. Whereas a callus hardens and thickens to protect affected areas from the discomfort of abrasion, a corn is nothing but discomfort. 

You might even put yourself at risk of developing hammer toe, wherein your toes curl instead of comfortably lying flat in a natural position. At best, hammer toe is uncomfortable, but if the condition progressively worsens or is aggravated by the wrong footwear, hammertoe may cause chronic inflammation. Just in case you needed more reason to find shoes that are wide enough or you there are complications caused by narrow shoes that aren’t strictly medical in nature. 


Other Perils of Shoes That Are Too Tight

If you wear work boots for work, there are a whole host of problems that can arise from shoes that are too narrow, and they can be immediately more pressing than the chronic medical issues that tend to arise. 

If you wear work boots to protect yourself on the job, it’s not a suggestion that you need protective footwear, it’s a necessity. Here’s the real problem, though. If you wear boots that are too tight, or more specifically, are not wide enough, you are not only failing to provide yourself protection, but you are actually putting yourself at higher risk.

Two of the most basic preliminary traits that you might look for in work boots are protection against water and weather. Specifically, protection against water helps protect you against the weather. To investigate these, let’s consider what shoes that are too tight will do. First off, the shoes will compress your foot and restrict circulation. Lack of sensation, though it is an extreme condition and not always present, will put you at risk of slipping. The pressure your foot puts on the boots will actually wear down the boots faster, compromising their waterproof qualities. But that’s only the beginning. The basis of waterproofing is to protect the foot from the thermal qualities of water. That means that when your foot gets wet you are at heightened risk to the cold. If your circulation is compromised, that exposes you to even more risk. Regardless of the quality of the insulation of the boot, if you can’t get fresh, warm blood to your foot, there won’t be any heat to keep in. 

Men's Extra Large Wide Avengers Work BootNow consider some other dangers of wearing boots that are too tight. Aside from protection against the elements, you might need boots with a steel or composite toe to protect you from drops and jostles with equipment and other dangers. Typically, steel-toed or composite toe boots will provide an unparalleled degree of security against many hazards of the workplace. However, if the boots are too narrow they themselves become the danger. 

If your boots are too narrow, your steel toe box basically becomes a cheese grater for your foot. The constant pressure and abrasion are unbearable pain at their absolute best. At worst they can cause an infection that will be difficult to contain when paired with the risks of compromised circulation. Not that sores and infection caused by a small steel toe box would be fun to tackle without compromised circulation. That only makes the problem worse. 

Moreover, small boots can put hot spots and pressure on your foot that wouldn’t otherwise be there. If abrasion and restricted circulation were not enough, the additional hotspots don’t just cause you discomfort, they will accelerate the breakdown of the boots. When you wear work boots to protect your feet from workplace hazards, it doesn’t make much sense if they don’t protect you from the proscribed risks. It makes even less sense if your boots cause their own class of hazard. The point is, if you need extra wide men's shoes, get them. There’s no sense in being uncomfortable and putting yourself at risk of injury. There’s only one way to forestall any of these risks and that’s to ensure that your boots and shoes are the right size and width. The only problem here is that it’s very difficult to find extra large and extra wide shoes, even if you know full well the necessity of shoes that fit.


XL Feet Has What You Need

So you need extra wide men's shoes, particularly work boots. That’s no surprise. But where can you get them when it’s always been so difficult to find shoes in your size, work boots aside. If you need extra-wide shoes or boots in sizes larger than usual, were talking above size 14 and wider than 4E, you can easily find them right here at XL Feet. 

If you need protective work boots that fit your feet properly (and you do) what could be better than a pair of Avenger 7258 Men’s 6” Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boots? Their full-grain leather uppers are surprisingly comfortable and will wear beautifully over time to become not only protective but more comfortable. That’s not to mention that a steel toe that actually fits is the difference between protection and comfort and certain injury. Aggressive treads and heavy outsoles provide superior traction and protection as well as abrasion resistance. Not only is the boot itself made of iron, but the thread used in its construction is also resistant to heat, abrasion and rot for superior longevity. Tough, supportive and puncture-resistant, these boots would be an excellent and protective companion on a job site, provided they fit you properly. And when you shop here at XL Feet, you’ll find them. 

If you need a pair of boots with the protectiveness of a reinforced toe box but don’t need or want to lug the additional weight around, XL Feet can easily set you up for success. Boots like Avenger 7546 Hammer 6” Composite Toe Work Boots will provide you with all the protection of a steel toe with none of the extra weight. Composite offers a few distinct advantages over steel that you will readily reap in with boots like these. Abrasion, puncture and slip-resistant as well as waterproof, these boots will work as hard as you do while keeping you not only comfortable but safe at work. 

You might need higher topped boots to keep you really dry when in standing water or excessively wet environments. Boots like Hoss Cartwright II Wellington Brown Composite Safety Toe Boots will not disappoint. They bring the convenience of pull-on boots with plenty of ankle support and a high top to let you get through the worst conditions and come out safe and dry. Full-grain leather sets the bar for ruggedness and will age very well while protecting and supporting you, and ergonomic insoles only add to the level of comfort they provide. 

Men's Propet Blizzard Extra Large and WideThat’s not to suggest you might need supportive boots without the added weight of a steel toe box. As stated, boots that are too tight will lose many of their thermal insulative properties, and there’s no reason to compromise on that front with XL Feet. Get a pair of workboots like Propet’s Blizzard Mid Zip Boots with Scotchguard treated leather uppers to buck the water and the rot associated with it. It also brings you 200 grams of Thinsulate to keep you warm when you’re working outside and excellent waterproofing technology. If you find yourself in cold or muddy conditions when you’re working outside, a pair of boots like these would be hard to beat to keep you safe, warm and dry. 

Whether you go with one of the options outlined here or settle for another pair of workboots that appeals more directly to your needs, you can trust in XL Feet to get you what you need and in your size as well. You’ll never have to suffer through uncomfortably small boots again, and you never should have in the first place. Even though size is more frequently remedied than width, you’ll be able to find the boots you need in the proper width here at XL Feet. But that’s not the best part. Choosing XL Feet for your extra wide men’s shoes won’t just set you up on the job site. You’ll be able to get the shoes you need for every occasion right here as well. 


All Your Extra Wide Men’s Shoes Right Here

Even if you don’t need extra-wide work boots, you can reap the same benefits of support and comfort in all areas of your life when you wear shoes that fit right. If you need athletic shoes, get what you need from New Balance, Reebok, Saucony and others right here at XL Feet. There are a whole list of their own proprietary advantages associated with working out in shoes of the proper size - and a list of hazards that come with it as well. If you need dress shoes or slippers or sandals or even socks, you can find them right here as well and from the brands and makers you love. 

XL Feet’s whole business model is built on getting you the shoes and boots you need in the sizes and widths you need. They understand how difficult or impossible it is for you to find the right sizes, and that’s what makes them successful. You won’t need to put yourself at risk for any of the conditions or dangers outlined herein ever again, especially if you use boots at work to protect you. It either fits or it doesn’t and when you check out the stock here at you’ll be able to proudly observe that what you find will fit. Check out the many products today or contact us at 651-797-6000 or fill out the contact form on our contact page to have your questions answered.


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