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How Do You Know if You Need Wide Shoes?

Posted by Adrian on Jul 10, 2018 10:08:50 AM

When it comes to foot size, things can get kind of controversial. We’re sure that individuals with bigger feet sizes have had to endure a lot teasing in their lifetime or have had trouble finding their shoe size in store, but what if you have bigger feet AND they’re wide? This is a dilemma for a good number of shoe wearers and it can be very discouraging when shopping time comes around.

Man in Suit in a Store

Although the average shoe size has increased over the last decade, not every shoe retailer is meeting these demands for shoes to accommodate those with a wider set of walkers.

To first determine if you have wide feet, you have to first measure them, since of course, not all shoes are created equal. 

  • When doing this, it’s best to measure your foot in the evening since they expand throughout the day.
  • Then measure yourself at your widest, so your shoes you buy don’t constrict and be sure to wear the same socks you would wear with the actual shoe.

 Extra Large Wide Mens Shoes and Feet

It’s also important to make sure that your shoes provide ultimate comfort throughout the day and are supportive, especially if you have flat feet.


Extra Large Wide Wide Wolverine® Harrison 6” lace-up steel-toe



Our Wide Wolverine® Harrison 6” lace-up steel-toe is a great choice for a wide ankle boot for construction workers or those that are constantly working on their feet. 





Be sure to check out more of our inventory for wide width ankle boots, dress shoes and sandals.If you know for sure you have wide feet, finding shoes for your feet used to be difficult. And naturally, wide ankle boots are very difficult to find.

Now, it’s easier than ever to get your fit with the XL Feet store. If your shoe size is hard to find, we’re sure to have it! Our men’s large size shoes are available in  EEEEEE - 6E widths in our non-safety toe footwear & big sizes 7-21. We have Large Waders and Overshoes too.

Mens Extra Large Boots
If you have an unusual size foot, XL Feet can accommodate you with high quality shoes for sport and even casual dress. Visit our site and see that you don’t have to have a narrow selection just because you have XL Feet!

Contact us today because one thing is for sure, we LOVE big feet. From wide ankle boots to wide dress shoes, we have the right sized shoes that provide not only style but comfort.



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