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Extra Large Shoes? You Need Wool Socks

Posted by Adrian on Jul 10, 2018 10:02:39 AM
XLFeet makes available a wide variety of Extra Large Merino Wool Athletic socks for outdoor enthusiasts and for guys who just want a quality wool sock to wear around the house.  In the past, hikers, runners, hunters and mountain climbers alike have complained about socks that get wet, stay wet, bunch, slip and cause blisters. Every big foot can benefit from wearing merino wool socks, though.
With new technology being used in the construction of athletic footwear, finally hikers, hunters, runners, and mountain climbers with large and wide feet can sigh a breathe of relief. 
Mens Extra Large Wool Socks Camping
Large size and big mens wool socks have always been known as a superior sock with inherent properties that really do a foot good.
Merino Wool Socks are made from merino wool, the finest wool used in high-end athletic footwear. This wool comes from the merino sheep. Originally from Alentejo, South Portugal, these sheep have been prized for their wool since the Middle Ages.  Woven wool garments have dated back thousands of years, but since the dawn of time, there have been guys with big feet who couldn't find large size wool socks for men that fit. Today, they finally can. 
Mens Extra Large Wool Socks

Throughout the years, numerous outdoor enthusiasts have complained about socks that would get wet, and stay wet. Merino Wool fibers quickly wick the moisture AWAY from your feet, WHERE IT SHOULD BE! The moisture then evaporates, LEAVING YOUR 2 BIG FEET DRY! Most every person who has ever climbed a mountain, or novice who has hiked up a steep hill, can remember an excursion that was ruined because they were wearing inferior athletic footwear.

Their socks got wet, they got sick, and then had to descend back to base camp, or go home in the case of the novice hiker.  How frustrating to know your colleagues reached the summit, but your socks held you back. Whether it's the Andes Mountains or Superior Hiking Trail, anybody who has embarked on a trek with merino wool socks would agree they would never switch back.

Mens Extra Large Wigwam Socks
Merino Wool Athletic Socks are the pinnacle of athletic footwear. These socks are coveted and ideal for hikers, hunters, runners, and mountain climbers with large feet. The Merino Wool fibers readily absorb moisture, and are capable of absorbing one third of their weight in water. Merino Wool Athletic Socks are extremely comfortable, breathable,  and fast drying. 
The Large Size Merino Wool Darn Tough Socks are designed with a smooth performance fit, which helps to prevent slipping, bunching and blisters.
 Big Mens Darn Tough Socks in large sizes to 17
They are made in Vermont up to size XXL (fits mens 15, 16, and 17) and come with a lifetime guarantee. These socks are antimicrobial, which means they repel bacteria and odor so your socks will stay fresher for a much longer period of time. 
Another great wool sock is the 40 Below from Wigwam.  It is also made in big mens size 2L which fits mens size 15-17 too.  
This is much more affordable, and is made in Sheboygan, WI with a 2 year manufactures warranty.
So if you are going out on a morning run, meeting your buddies up at the hunting shack, taking an afternoon hike in the Rocky Mountains, or ascending the summit of Mount Everest, make sure you are wearing your Merino Wool Athletic Socks. 

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