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The Essential Big Size Shoes You Need in Your Closet

Posted by Adrian on Aug 5, 2020 8:10:21 AM

There are all different types of shoes that are suitable for a variety of occasions. Whether you need shoes for work, hiking or lounging around the house, there’s a shoe out there will meet your needs. However, for the men who wear extra large mens shoes, discovering one set place where you can find a shoe to fulfill what you need them for, can be difficult.

Here at XL Feet, we are stocked with an assortment of shoes, particularly for men who wear big size shoes.

We understand the struggle that those who have larger feet have to endure when it comes to shoe shopping. We’ve all experienced wearing a shoe that is too big or too small, but having a limited amount of options due to your shoe size is not an easy challenge to navigate.

We want to be the shoe store that you can go to for big sizes and the items necessary to take care of them. We hope that once you find the best shoe options for you, you’ll be able to build up your wardrobe with shoes that will be perfect for a multitude of occasions.

Big Size Shoes at XL Feet

At XL Feet, we offer boots, shoes, sandals, socks, slippers, and extra items like shoe care accessories, disinfectants, deodorizers, belts, tee shirts and more. On our online store, we make it easy for you to choose the category of shoes you want, especially if you are browsing our website with a particular shoe in mind.

Our sizing selection is one that we take great pride in. We offer mens shoes in sizes 7-13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20. With each of these sizes, you can choose shoes between narrow, regular, wide and 6E widths. With our assortments and sizing, men who wear big size shoes won’t have to worry about running out of options.

Not to mention, the team at XL Feet are XL shoe specialists, ready to help you online if you are ever in need of assistance determining your proper shoe size. The shoes that we carry fit accurately and we have a long history of very few returns. If you ever need any help, our team is ready to assist you.

Essential Shoes for Your Closet

Once you’ve been able to find a place like XL Feet that caters to your shoe size, you’ll finally be able to build up your shoe collection without having to worry about not having enough options.

There are a few shoes that will be essential for your daily use that we stock here at XL Feet. If you’re looking to grow your big size shoe collection, perhaps the following shoes will serve as a guide for essentials that will be useful in your closet.

Work Shoes

Work shoes are a great shoe pair for everyday use as they are versatile and can be used in many different ways. For instance, if you work indoors in retail or spend most of your time working outdoors, they can accommodate your daily tasks at work.

The work shoes at XL Feet come in sizes ranging from 7-18 in narrow, regular and wide widths. If you are aiming for shoes that are for working outdoors, our work shoes can be found with slip-resistant soles, and composite and steel toe shoes as well.

Some of the brands of work shoes that we carry are: New Balance, Georgia Boot, Bogs boot and shoes, Drew shoes and so much more. For a shoe that is durable and will function properly for your daily use, to a look at our work shoe selection.

Casual Shoes

Casual shoes are a great option to have in your closet because they are comfortable and can also be used daily. They differ from work shoes because they can go with every look.

Whether you are going out to the store or are spending a day out with friends on the weekend, they can make the occasion a lot better to enjoy as comfort is one thing you won’t have to worry about.

All of the options in our casual selection look great for men who wear big size shoes. From everyday sneakers with comfort foam to boots that can be worn daily, our casual options are not scarce.

We know how important it is to have that one pair of shoes you can pick out from your closet that you can count on for durability and comfort. If that’s the kind of shoe that you are looking for, we can guarantee that you’ll be able to find at least one perfect pair of shoes for you from our options online.


Sandals make a great summer staple for men, but for those who wear big shoe sizes, finding a sandal that comes in extra wide may not be the easiest option to find. We have comfortable, extra wide men’s sandals in a variety of colors, brands, styles and extra large sizes that are ideal for lounging outside in the warm weather.

Some of the sandals that we carry can be adjusted to accommodate to the shape of your foot and your comfort levels. We also have sandals that contain rubber outsoles, arch support and other features that will make your sandal a lot more comfortable to wear for frequent use.

To make things easier, you can filter out your shoes based on brand, size, price, category and more so that you can narrow down your search.


Not many think to have slippers in their closet, especially if you are one to wear a large shoe size. At XL Feet, we want to make sure that men who wear big size shoes have access to all types of shoes so that they can have just as many options as those who don’t wear big sizes. This includes our extra large and wide slippers.

Many of our slippers include a rubber insole feature so that you can always feel comfortable wearing yours around the house or completing minor tasks in and around your home. We have luxurious brands on slippers for men who wear big shoes such as Old Friend Slippers and Prophet Shoes.

Sizes range from 8-16 where you can get the shoes in D regular, generic wide and 5E wide widths.


Lastly, boots are a staple to have in your closet as they can support you as you navigate tasks in harsh weather and outdoor work conditions. We have a large selection of big size shoes for every large size imaginable.

Our boot sizes range from 6-21 wear you can purchase them in narrow, D regular, Generic wide, 4E wide, 5E wide and 6E wide. Not to mention, the brands of boots that we carry are endless. Some of them include: Hoss boots, Columbia boots, Carolina boots, Belleville boots and many more.

Despite our large shoe sizes, comfort as well as making sure our shoes are true to size are our main priority. Those who wear big shoe sizes should have a vast amount of options from brands that are of top quality in their shoe collection. Perhaps the options above will serve as a guide for shoes you can incorporate into your wardrobe, all of which you can find on our website.

How to Care for Your Shoes

Taking care of your extra large shoes is important to maintain your shoe’s quality, efficiency and durability. You can find the tools and resources on our very own website without having to search elsewhere. This makes XL Feet the marketplace for all things extra large shoes, including the essentials you need to take care of them.

We have a few different extras to choose from so that you are able to sustain your shoe’s quality. You can take a look at the shoe care and accessories section of our website to find all that you are looking for.

For instance, you can purchase our Disposable Leather Cleaning Wipes, especially for your leather shoes in your collection. With the cleaning wipes, you’ll never have to worry about your leather shoes becoming dull or looking worn out.

We also sell things such as zipper inserts and foot inserts that will add extra support to your shoe. Sometimes those with larger feet will need a shoe that offers extra arch support, however, not all shoes are created the same way and will have that.

If you find that your feet need extra support despite the kind of shoe you are wearing, you can browse through some of the inserts we have available. Aside from comfort, we even have inserts that are simply for odor reduction.

Another way that you can keep your shoes odor free is through disinfectants and deodorizers. If you browse through our selection, we have disinfectants and deodorizers that kill bacteria and reduce odor in your shoes. No matter if you wear big shoes or not, disinfectants and deodorizers can be an essential you didn’t know you needed.

A lot of caring for shoes involves making sure they are comfortable for you and that they are maintained as well as they can be. With our shoe care and accessories selection, you can keep the shoes that you purchase from our online store in their best condition.

Despite whether or not you decide to purchase additional shoe care accessories, the shoes stocked on our website come from some of the best brands in the industry. The shoes that you purchase are made to fit true to size so that you won’t have to worry about returns especially as it comes to purchasing shoes online.

Our goal is to make your shopping experience a lot easier. If you are ever in need of additional assistance the experts on our team are just a call and email away.

Why The Right Size Shoe Is Important


One of the most important factors to consider when shoe shopping is ensuring that you choose the proper size for your feet. There are a lot of reasons why wearing the right shoe size is important. For one, it is important for the overall comfort and health of your foot.

If you wear a shoe that is too small, this can lead to increased pain in your foot that can cause other problems later down the road. Too much pressure on your feet from shoes that are too small can also result in corns and calluses on your toes.

If you wear shoes that are too big you can forgo the comfortability of the shoes and also cause the shoes to break down faster due to increased stress or wear on the shoes where the shoes aren’t supposed to.

XL Feet- Your Place for Big Size Shoes


If you need a place to go to for big size shoes, our store is available and ready for you to begin your shopping experience. While we have a physical store located in St. Paul, Minneapolis, our online store is the next best option for those who aren’t local to the area.

Sometimes shopping online for shoes and other accessories can be difficult, and we completely understand that. To make sure you are getting the best shopping experience while checking out our store online, we offer expert consultation over the internet as well as live and real customer support over the phone.

Our customer support team is full of XL shoe experts and will make sure you walk away from our store with the perfect size shoe for you. Once you come back to our online store for a second visit, you’ll have your shoe size down so that your next purchase can be quick and easy.

Allow XL Feet to be your main online destination for big and wide size shoes from some of the best brands in the industry.

If you are interested in reaching out to our team with any questions, you can call us at: 651-797-6000 or email us at:

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